Five Commitments for September 2016

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Five Commitments for September 2016

Each month I commit to doing five things that will improve my life, my health, my home, or my blog. These are my five commitments for September 2016.

August was a tough month for me goal wise. I didn’t do very well at all, part of that was my work schedule changing. There was one point were I worked 6 of seven days to get on a new rotation. That’s six 12 hour days. It was rough! But September is a new month, and I get a fresh start! Let’s do this!

Make Cover Photos for Pinterest Boards

My goal last month was to up my Pinterest game. All I completed was changing my account to a business account and rearranging a few boards. So this month I decided to be more specific in my goal. I’m going to make cover images for all my boards using my brand colors and fonts. Can you believe that I just used the word brand in regards to my own blog?! It feels slightly strange! Anyway…

Drink more water

Yes. You have seen this goal before and it’s back, because I’ve fallen off the water wagon. My goal is 40oz a day. Which I know I should drink more than that, but 40oz is better than 0oz!

This goal is also me being more specific about my weight loss goal. I’ve been eating better – lots of salads and even some fruits, now I need to improve my drinking habits and lay off the Diet Mountain Dew.

Deep clean my bedroom

I completed failed here in August. But I definitely need to complete this goal this month, because the apartment building I live in is holding a community yard sale. This is the perfect opportunity to sale things I don’t want anymore. So, I’m definitely more motivated than last month!

Write one blog post everyday while on vacation

During my vacation in June, I wrote a blog post everyday. Taking advantage of that opportunity to write everyday was a huge help in keeping my blog on track these past few months.

This enabled me to have three posts to publish every week even if I didn’t have time to write a new post. So, I want to do that again during my vacation at the end of this month. I plan to write a lot of my holiday posts during this time.

Go through my jewelry

This is the part of the KonMari clean out that I’ve been dreading the most. I keep putting it off because I fear the outcome! But no more! For one thing, there is the yard sale at the end of the month. And the other thing, I need to finish my KonMari Journey.

August Commitments and How I did

  • Up My Pinterest Game – Fail.
  • Update Old Posts – Pass.
  • Deep clean my bedroom – Fail.
  • Lose Weight – Pass. For effort!
  • Start the Build Your Own Damn Website course – Fail. It just isn’t the right time for me and this course.

Five Commitments for September 2016

So, what about you? What are your goals for the month of September? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Emily

    I really enjoyed this post. It gave me some great inspiration for some new posts, and i can appreciate that some months you expect to start or finish things, and it just doesn’t happen that way. I also subscribed!

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