A lovely thing to do today

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A lovely thing to do today

I’m finding it hard to blog this week. It’s so much easier when I write my posts at least a week in advance. But right now it’s Sunday and I have no post for Monday. And I want to keep to my posting schedule. Not because I feel like people are anxiously awaiting what I have to say, but for myself.

I know it is much easier to stay on track, well… if you stay on track. The more that I put my fingers to the keyboard the easier it is to keeping writing, but if I take breaks, unintentional ones anyway, it’s so hard to come back to the blog. If you’re a blogger, do you find this to be true too?

So I looked through my drafts folder and found this old meme that I meant to do ages ago and forgot about. I’m hoping filling out this little meme will clear my head for inspiration. We shall see.

A lovely thing to do today meme

I found this meme at Smaggle and Pip

Making: A grocery shopping list for the week.

Cooking: Beef Stew in the crock pot. Really aren’t crock pots the best thing ever?!

Drinking: Diet Mountain Dew, of course.

Reading: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. I loved Six of Crows so I have high hopes for this trilogy.

Wanting: To be really excited about a book. I haven’t been really into any book I’ve read this year.

Looking: At my laptop screen.

Playing: With Mac before I started to blog.

Deciding: On which cabin to rent for our vacation next month.

Wishing: For an inspiring blog post idea.

Enjoying: A peaceful morning at home.

Waiting: On our wedding pictures from Shutterfly to arrive!

Liking: Coming home to Cap and the dogs after work every morning.

Wondering: If I’ll ever get all our boxes unpacked.

Loving: Being a wife.

Pondering: What to get Cap for his birthday next month?

Considering: Donating or selling more of my clothes so that I can actually fit them all in one closet.

Buying: A ladder, rake, and wheelbarrow. It’s time to start the yard work!

Watching: Riverdale and Supernatural.

Hoping: To have an easy rotation at work.

Marvelling: At how Mac can out snore me.

Cringing: That I just admitted that I snore on the internet. I know this will come back to haunt me.

Needing: To decide what color we want to paint the kitchen.

Questioning: Why Twitter attracts so many hate filled people?

Smelling: The beef stew in the crock pot! Yummy!

Wearing: My pajamas. It’s Sunday as I’m writing this so don’t judge!

Following: Joanna Gaines because she is my role model!

Noticing: That filling out this meme really does seem to be clearing my head a bit.

Knowing: That I love Cap and our doggies so much!

Thinking: That ice cream would be good right now.

Admiring: Helene and her husband who packed up everything and moved abroad.

Sorting: Laundry. It never ends.

Getting: A headboard. I’ve never had one.

Bookmarking: So many blog posts that Facebook likes to shame me with reminders that I have 47 saved and unread posts.

Coveting: Doctor Strange’s cloak.

Disliking: That we don’t have a trash pick up service here.

Opening: A box of ice cream after I finish this meme.

Giggling: At my Cap. He always knows how to make me laugh!

Feeling: A combination of peaceful yet cluttered. It’s very odd.

Snacking: Strawberry banana yogurt.

Helping: The Relay for Life team at my store.

Hearing: The dryer running and Mac snoring. I feel like you should know this…

Now what about you my friends? What are you up to? What do you do when you find it hard to blog? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. That’s a lovely catch-up post I did one very similar to this two weeks ago. An Australian blogger called Pip who blogs at MeetMeAtMikes is where I got my inspiration and I see you are using another Aussie blogger too! If you ever want to link up one of your posts on my Monday link up – it stays open Monday – Thursday each week it would be great. Old posts or new! Cheers, Denyse
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