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4 annoying things guys do when dating online

So, I tried online dating.

It’s been an interesting experience. One I’m not really sure I’m cut out for actually, but I did learn a few things that I think will be helpful to others. I wrote this toward men, because that is what I’m looking for, but I’m sure this can be applied to women as well.

Here are some annoying things guys did that made me not want to talk to them.

1. No profile picture
I admit I didn’t put a picture up at first. I wanted to check out the dating service first, but once I decided that I was going to give a real try, I put up a picture.

So, if you’ve been on the site for a while and you don’t have a picture I question your motives. Are you afraid someone you know will see you? And why should you be afraid of that? Do you already have girlfriend or wife? Do you not like how you look? Why not?

These are the questions running through every woman’s mind as she is looking at your profile. Do you think that’s a good thing? Trust me, it isn’t.

2. Profile picture with another woman
Or a profile pic that obviously has a woman cropped out of it. This is not a good thing guys! That should be so obvious! But I saw this so many times!

No woman wants to see a picture of you with another woman! Unless that woman is related to you, in which case, you better make that clear. Even if that woman is your very best friend, I don’t want to see a picture of you two all cozy in your profile. It make me wonder why you’re on the dating site and not with her. Is that what you want me and every other woman looking at your profile thinking? I really doubt it.

3.Using text speak
I don’t mind the occasional abbreviation, but if we’re having an actual conversation please use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation! It’s hard enough to read the tone of someone I’m just getting to know without having to decipher if you’re asking me a question or making a statement. Not to mention text speak is kind of dated. No one really uses it anymore. I think most women would agree with me on this too.

4. Not taking no for an answer
When a woman tells you she isn’t interested in dating you, she really means she isn’t interested in dating you.

I know Hollywood has conditioned men to believe that if they don’t give up, the girl will eventually give in, but real life isn’t that way. I’m sorry. It just isn’t. I know my own mind and heart. I know what I want in life and in a relationship. All the compliments and flattery you throw at me aren’t going to change that.

So, listen up guys, when she says no, she means it. So, move on and find a girl who will appreciate you.

So, have you ever tried online dating? What did you think? What advice can you give to those trying it out?

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