Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Posted May 7, 2010 by Paula in Music / 0 Comments

What became of all the boys who only want one thing
Someone tell me what I’m doing wrong

‘Cause the good ones all got wedding rings
And the young ones are just too dumb
And I don’t think I have anymore room underneath my thumb
I think after all the ends do justify the means
Is it guilty in here, is it just me
Is it guilty in here maybe it’s just me

That is from one of my favorite songs on Miranda Lambert’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cd, Guilty in Here. I’m listening to the CD right now and I really like it.  Other faves are Dry Town, Crazy ex-Girfriend, More like Her. Definitely, an album I can listen to over and over. Miranda is another country artist who actually sounds country. She also has that “don’t mess with me” attitude that I like. I will definitely be buying her newest album, Revolution soon.

Been working on my website, trying to validate it. I’m really aggravated, because one of the scripts that almost all of my memberships requires is what is causing most of the errors, when I try to validate. But I have to have it.

Oh, well… guess I’ll just have to live with it.


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