Why Wincest Is Wrong

Why Wincest Is Wrong

You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is Wincest?” Well, unfortunately for you, I am about to tell you. Wincest is Supernatural fanfiction that features a sexual relationship between brothers Sam and Dean. (Or one of them and their Dad.) I know! I felt like gouging my eyes out the first time I read about it too!

Okay, I have to admit that I have never actually read any Supernatural fanfiction. I only know that Wincest exists because I lurk at the TWOP forums and it is talked about a lot there. I use to read Harry Potter fanfiction all the time though and it has it’s own eye-gouging trends. (Twincest for one. Yes, as in Fred and George! ICK!)

Anyway, I don’t have to actually read Wincest to know that it is wrong. It is about incest, for pete’s sake! Incest is illegal (in most places and cultures), abnormal and gross! Why would you want to write about it, at least in a positive light, let alone read it? I just don’t understand!

I have read articles that say most fanfiction of this nature is written by teenage girls who have a crush on one of the male characters. Apparently it is easier for them to share their crush with male characters than another female character. I have no idea if this is true or not, it’s kind of silly if it is, and makes me feel a little bit sorry for these girls.

Honestly, the thing that bothers me the most about Wincest is the people that insist that it is canon. WTF? Where are they getting this?

Of course, Sam and Dean love each other. They are brothers, who have literally been to hell and back for each other and they have a strong family bond, but that does not equal sexual attraction. There are many different types of love. Can’t people today tell the difference? (I know the show sometimes makes allusions to Wincest but always with the idea that it is ridiculous. To quote Dean: They know we’re brothers, right?)

You are probably wondering why I even care when these are just fictional characters that I am talking about. Well, these characters are near and dear to my heart and I hate to see them put through something so… gross!

So, I have just one thing to say those of you writing fanfiction, I say, “Grow up and create a Mary Sue to fulfill your sexual fantasies with your favorite Winchester brother and leave the Wincest alone!”

Are you a fan of Supernatural? If so, what are your views on Wincest?

Let’s be clear that I am not talking about Slash fanfiction. It’s not my thing, but as long as the characters aren’t related, I say go with whatever floats your boat.

8 thoughts on “Why Wincest Is Wrong

  1. Shannon

    Ah, incest fanfiction. I’m all too familiar with it, mostly in the Harry Potter & LOTR fanfiction world. In LOTR, it’s usually between Elrond’s sons/Arwen’s brothers Elladan and Elrohir; in HP I’ve seen it in many different forms, from the popular Fred/George to Twins/Ron, Ron/Ginny, Bellatrix/Narcissa, Bellatrix/Sirius, etc, etc, etc. An ex-girlfriend of mine was pretty into Elladan/Elrohir fanfic, actually. It doesn’t faze me anymore, but I still find it a little strange. I get that it’s always “between consenting adults” and all, but it’s still just a little weird.

    Wincest is just… no. And canon? I don’t buy it at all. Now, Cas/Dean, on the other hand, that I might buy as canon. 😉

  2. Paula

    Lol Yeah even I can see how someone would see Dean/Cas from canon! I think that the writers like to have a little fun with it. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. Dayle Fraschilla

    Um, ohh kay.


    I’ve only seen one episode of Supernatural (I’m still working out how to start watching it from the beginning), but I can understand your disgust.

    I’ve never been into fanfiction. I tried with Buffy, but I just get annoyed, so I stick with the “actual” story lines.

    About incest writing in general, have you ever read Flowers in the Attic and the sequels? I read them in middle/high school and was highly perturbed at the time!
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    1. Paula

      I really think you would like Supernatural! It’s one of those shows that got better as time went on, with the 4th and 5th seasons being the best.

      The only fanfiction I really enjoyed reading was Harry Potter. 🙂 It helped make the long stretches between books bearable.

      I never read Flowers in the Attic, but I remember being around ten and my older cousin was reading it. She told me about it, and I was just totally creeped out. At ten, I had never heard of incest, so it was like the first corruption of my brain. lol And I’ve just never had any desire to read those books, because if it.

  4. Wincest fan

    Okay so…I understand that you may not like wincest, and I am a fan, but most cultures it is not abnormal for incestuous relationships. For example, there’s Cleopatra, and in the middle east, cousins marry another. Its a social norm. As for not reading the fanfics, well, I’m not quite sure why you would write about something you do not have much knowledge on. Know that I am referring back to you in saying this, not trying to demean you. If you disagree with incest, I’d much rather you explain why incest is wrong, rather than wincest. As for why I read it, it is because after watching about all the seasons, I believe that Sam and Dean are meant to be. If a human and angel can be together (Dean and Cas) why not siblings? Two consenting adults should be able to express their love for one another despite the fact that they are related. Not all teenage girls write fanfic because its easier, most write it because they too believe that Sam and Dean would make a good couple. To me, it is canon because despite everything they have been through, at the end of the day its Sam and Dean. I would recommend that you read fanfics without a sexual focus, those can explain better why wincest is a legitimate ship. I am not trying to be rude, I am merely expressing my opinion, which happens to differ from your own.

    1. Lealdanan

      @Wincest fan, Hi. I have to say, I am not against incest. In fact, I ship myself some incestuous relationship, like Lucrezia and Cesare from The Borgias (the Showtime version). So, I am not allergic to the idea at all. And I would have been open to the idea of a relationship between Dean and Sam, IF, and only IF there really was something to go on with. But there isn’t. There is no sexual tension, no inappropriate touching, no romantic chemistry. In other sibling incest situation, you can usually feel the tension building between the two, or just by the way they look at each other, like Cas and Dean. These two are brothers (that love each other very much), but just brothers. If you really take off your fangirl glasses, you would know that yes, it’s all about Sam and Dean, but in no way these two would have anything else than this very brotherly bond that they share, bickering and fighting and saving each other and forgiving each other, like only siblings do.

  5. Sebastian Sean Crow

    I never cared for Wincest because I never saw the Winchesters like that. I know their relationship is complicated, but not in that way. It never had to get to the incest part for me to go “sorry, I can’t ship that”. I do believe a certain psychology goes into incest and Wincest fics never seem to explore the actual psychology of it. What I just HATE about this incest fetish in the Supernatural fandom is that there’s a whole sub genre of Wincest called Weecest where at least one of the brothers is underage. And I just… I can’t. A lot of Wincest writers are very talented and skilled and experienced writers who could do well in the romance and erotica industry; all they have to do is take all the effort they put into Wincest and create an original story instead.

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