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Jodie- Whittaker as the new Doctor

Thoughts on the New Doctor

The new Doctor is a woman.

And people everywhere are in an uproar.

Some people hate it. Some people love it. And some people who hate it/love it have never even watched the show! They’re just excited to see a woman in a big role like this. Or you know they just want to stick it to men.

I can only sum up my own personal feelings about it as – meh.

But I’m always meh about the new Doctor. The only one I liked immediately was Matt Smith’s. He was just so fun! Everyone else I just got used to over time. And I expect it will be the same with Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor.

I certainly wasn’t surprised by the casting of a female doctor. After all, we had Missy.

And I wish Jodie well. Because here is the one thing that really bothers me about this casting – if the show fails, it will be because The Doctor is now a woman. Even if Jodie is brilliant! They will blame it on casting a female.

Since Steven Moffat took over, the writing on the show has been inconsistent and at times absolutely terrible! But Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi were still terrific in their roles. And that was recognized, but Jodie will not get that same consideration. If the show continues to be terrible then it won’t be the writing that will be blamed. It will be Jodie. And I hate that for her! And for women in general.

Jodie Whittaker is a brave woman though for taking on this role knowing that she will get a lot of flack for it. She’s carrying a lot on her shoulders right now. And I don’t envy her a bit. The trolling has already started of course. I feel for her.

I do admit that I prefer the Doctor as a male but maybe it’s time for a female Doctor. And not to fulfill some diversity need* but because the Doctor’s female companions have been through a lot of shit because of him and now he and the show need to recognize that. And Twelve was often cruel needlessly cruel to Clara, so maybe this regeneration is a repercussion of that. It fits, people!

For now, I will reserve all judgment until I see Thirteen in action. I hope that she is amazing! And I hope that between the casting of Jodie Whittaker and new Executive Producer Chris Chibnall that the show finds new life.

Because no matter what form he is in when it comes down to it – The Doctor is the Doctor. Always.

She just needs better writers!

My thoughts on the New Doctor

*The job should always go to the best person for the job. Race, gender, religion, etc. should never play a factor in the decision.

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6 responses to “Thoughts on the New Doctor

  1. Kate

    I was quite surprised by the choice of Thirteen; I knew eventually they would pick a woman to play the Doctor, but I expected a few more male iterations before that happened. I haven’t been as much of a fan in recent seasons as they’ve been so inconsistent, but I’m hoping with a new showrunner and a new Doctor it will return to being something good. As you said though, if the show isn’t good or doesn’t do well, Jodie will take the bulk of the blame regardless of whether it’s deserved.

  2. Your worries are the same as mine… If the series goes even further downhill they’ll say she’s the problem, which won’t be fair. I was an early fan when Doctor Who (with Christopher Eccleston) was first shown on TV here, but stopped watching mid-way through Matt Smith ( that felt unfair too as he was so great, but the writing got so bad!) But I’m going to try to give the new series a go – really like Jodie Whittaker as an actress and the new dynamic should be interesting!