Supernatural – Two Minutes to Midnight

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Supernatural - Two Minutes to Midnight

Castiel is back! Bobby can walk again! That is just two of my favorite moments from tonight’s episode. And, of course, the whole, “Did you kiss him?” scene. Right now, Supernatural is by far my favorite show on TV. Every episode is entertaining, the characters are believable and it is certainly one of the more consistent shows on TV (I’m looking at you Heroes!).

Not sure, I’m happy about Sam saying yes to the Devil, but since that is the way they have chosen to go, I hope Sam gets his moment of glory and wins.

At one point, I was looking forward to seeing the brothers pitted against each other in an epic battle, this was in season four, before I knew about the whole, Sam being Lucifer’s vessel thing. Watching Sam go “dark side” would have been an intriguing story line, but not if he wasn’t actually Sam.

So, with both the boys destined to be vessels, I’m over the “brother against brother” story line. I am totally “Team Freewill”. And now that Dean has stood up to Micheal, and had his moment of redemption, Sam deserves his.

At least this is what I would like to see. But what do I actually think is going to happen? Sam is going to fail and next season, Dean, Castiel and Bobby will be hunting him. I really hope they surprise me and let Sam be the hero, end all this apocalypse crap and have Crowley be the Big Bad next season. How awesome would that be?

Oh yeah, today someone told me that I look like Kat Dennings! You know, the girl from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, a movie that I love, by the way. I took that as a big compliment, she seems like a cool chick.


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