Supernatural Season 5 Finale

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Supernatural Season 5 Finale

I hate to say it but I almost wish that Supernatural had ended here. It would have been the perfect ending. Dean was willing to sacrifice what was most important to him and Sam was willing to sacrifice himself to save the world. It is something that only true heroes would do and that is the way the Winchester boys deserve to go out.

The whole episode was stellar and I enjoyed Chuck’s voice over and all the flashbacks to earlier seasons. But for me, the best scene was Dean driving the Impala up to what is suppose to be the beginning of Armageddon, the battle between Micheal and Lucifer. Dean believes it is the end and he won’t let Sam die alone. Micheal, in the form of Adam, and Lucifer, in the form of Sam, tell Dean to leave that he is no longer a part of this. Dean refuses to go. Castiel and Bobby show up and Cas sends Micheal packing with a “holy water molotov coktail.” Lucifer then declares that no one picks on his brother but him and then he kills Cas. I am sitting there with my mouth hanging open and all I can think is “a sixth season without Cas! It can’t be!” I also have a horrible feeling that Bobby is next, and sadly, I am right.

Now, it is just Lucifer and Dean. Lucifer proceeds to beat the crap out of Dean. But looking at the Impala, which Chuck has pointed out during the episode is the boys’ home, the Sam inside begins to take control. We see flashbacks to the boys childhood and earlier seasons and then Sam is back. Sam tells Dean that it is okay he has Lucifer. Sam then throws the rings of the four horsemen, recites the incantation and opens Lucifer cage. Micheal returns to try to stop Sam from jumping in, but Sam just grabs Micheal and takes him with him, all while a bloody and beaten Dean watches from the sidelines.

Cas returns and heals Dean. Dean asks Cas if he is god. Cas says no, but that he believes that is who brought him back. Cas then brings Bobby back to life. Not only did god bring Cas back, he gave him some new powers!

We then have a scene with Castiel and Dean in the Impala. Dean tells Cas to tell god that he is going after him next. Cas reminds Dean that he got what he wanted: no hell, no paradise. He also tells Dean that he is returning to heaven, which angers Dean. Cas leaves Dean with this question, “What do you want more peace or freedom?”

I imagine that if there was no season six, that the final scene would have closed on Dean fulfilling his promise to Sam and living a normal life, without the cut to a Sam standing outside the window watching. But there is a season six.

It will be interesting to see where they go. Was that really Sam? Who brought him back? Is Sam normal? If he is normal, does he choose not to let Dean know he is alive, so that Dean can have a regular life? We all know how Dean would react to that!

All in all, I was very pleased with the finale. I’m glad the boys did it their way. Freewill triumphed over destiny. Oh, and Chuck is god! Totally cool!


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