Three Reasons I love Supernatural – Part One

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Three Reasons I Love Supernatural - Part One

With Supernatural returning from hiatus this Friday, I thought it was fitting to dedicate a few posts to discussing my favorite things about my favorite show. So, here are three of the reasons I love Supernatural.

1. The Brotherly Bond

One of the most compelling aspects of Supernatural is the relationship between Sam and Dean. Growing up they only had each other, so naturally they developed a very strong bond. Dean loved his brother so much that he sacrificed his soul, so that Sam would be brought back to life. It was Sam’s love for Dean that allowed him to beat Lucifer and save the world. That is truly something to admire, having the ability to love someone that much.

However, this strong bond is also their Achilles Heel. They are both dangerously co-dependent. When it comes to their family, neither of them can see clearly enough to make good decisions. And those bad decisions always lead to horrible consequences. Think about it, if Dean had been able to face life without Sam, he never would have went to Hell. If he never went to hell, he never would have broken the first seal, if he had never broken the first seal, Lucifer wouldn’t have been released from his prison.

In some ways I can relate to the brother’s bond. Growing up, my sister and I were both home-schooled, so most of the time we only had each other. We are very close. My Sister is the one person that I know I can always count on, and I hope that she feels the same way about me.

But we both know something, that it has taken six seasons for Sam and Dean just to begin to learn. If you love someone, you have to let them live their lives the way that they want to live them. You have to let them do things that you don’t always agree with, and sometimes you have to let them go.

At the end of season five, Dean eventually supported Sam’s decision to say yes to becoming Lucifer’s vessel. This showed that Dean believed his brother could defeat Lucifer and that he was willing to let Sam go. Sam needed that. He needed to know that Dean believed in him, and he needed to be allowed to redeem himself.

Knowing when to be there and just being there, that’s what brothers (and sisters) are for.

2. Family doesn’t end with blood.

In real life, it is the people in our lives that help make it more interesting. And it is the same with fiction, whether it is television, movies or books, the heroes need other characters to enrich their stories.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are wonderful actors, and Sam and Dean are great characters, but the show wouldn’t be what it is without it’s terrific supporting cast.

Can you imagine the show without Bobby or Castiel? Who would call Sam and Dean on their bullshit? Who would remind them that there are bigger problems in this world than their own? Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without them.

Supernatural also portrays a fact that is true for most everyone: family doesn’t end with blood. Bobby isn’t just a friend or fellow hunter, he is a father figure to both boys. He loves Sam and Dean as if they were his own. Family isn’t just about who you are related to, it’s about those that are there for you through thick and thin and the occasional apocalypse.

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