Random Thoughts on Random Celebrities

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Random Thoughts on Random Celebrities

I’m afraid that the more I see of Jennifer Lawrence on Tumblr and Pinterest that the less seriously I’ll be able to take her as an actress. The fear is so great that I’m dreading watching Mockingjay.

I’m over Brad Pitt. He’s just so smug.

I feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston. Not because Brad Pitt dumped her. But because the media won’t let her forget that Brad Pitt dumped her. How many years has it been? How many men has she dated? She’s obviously moved on. Just because she hasn’t remarried or popped out a bunch of kids doesn’t mean she’s still hung up on him. Move on media. Move on!

I’m a little sad that Taylor Swift is currently single. Does this mean that I can’t make my standard joke about how she only dates guys based on the potential to get a hit song out of the relationship?

I hate the Kardashians. And pretty much anyone else who owes their fame to a reality TV show. Except Lauren Conrad. She used her fame to write books, start a blog, and a clothing line. All things I love, so she gets a pass.

I can only stand Zooey Deschanel’s personality in small doses. It’s why I can’t watch The New Girl. However, I want her bangs. And Hello Giggles is one of daily reads.

And this is possibly the best advice. Ever.


So, what are your thoughts on these celebrities? Do you like reality shows? Are you over Brad Pitt too? Let me know in the comments!


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