Poor Sam Winchester!

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Poor Sam Winchester!

Poor Sam Winchester. He never gets to be the good guy. He never gets to be normal.

I really thought that it was over. All the questioning of whether Sam was a good guy, of what side he was on. I thought that question was answered when he beat the Devil and sacrificed himself to save the world. But NO! Apparently the writers of Supernatural can think of no story lines for Sam that don’t involve Dean and others questioning if he is normal. I know that he wasn’t normal, being the vessel for Lucifer, and fighting his dark side, but he beat those things! Doesn’t he deserve a chance now to be normal? A chance to not have his brother constantly doubting and questioning him?

I knew that there would be repercussions for Sam going to hell and back. Obviously. I mean it is hell! That’s kinda a big deal. But a soulless Sam? Come on! I am so tired of hearing Dean say, “There is something wrong with Sam.” It just tiresome, all the constant brother issues. Dean is always right. Sam is always wrong. Been there. Done that.

When the season first started, before I knew Sam was soulless, my reaction to his new personality was just that he had become a hardened man. Who wouldn’t after all that he had been through? It was aggravating how Dean treated him. Was I suppose to believe that Sam was a horrible person just because he was different after having gone to hell and back? Dean was no picnic after his return. Sam hasn’t been perfect, and I know that he has done things to cause Dean to mistrust him, but that was before his epic sacrifice. This season I was hoping that their relationship would be better. No such luck.

The new soulless Sam has been interesting though. He believes that the ends justifies the means, which makes for an excellent hunter, though not so great of a human being. Jared Padalecki seems to be enjoying playing the new Sam, at least that is the feeling I get from watching his performance. Soulless Sam is also entertaining, which is more that I can say for Bitter Dean. Dean has always been my favorite character, but right now he is just getting on my nerves. I wonder what it says about me that I prefer Soulless Sam to Dean?

In the lastest episode, All Dogs go to Heaven, Sam comes clean with Dean, about how he feels absolutely nothing for anyone, that he is not the old Sam, but that he wants to go back to being that old Sam, who did care. Hopefully Dean will be on board with helping Sam now.

Speaking of which, what is with Dean’s unwillingness to work with Crowley to get Sam’s soul back? Dean was perfectly willing to work with him to end the apocalypse, but to save his brother’s soul he won’t? It seems a little inconsistent to me. Should Crowley be trusted? No. Is what he is doing with all the Alphas shady? Obviously. But why wouldn’t Dean be considering working with Crowley with plans to double cross him later? It seems very un-Dean like to me.

Season six has been decent so far. I really enjoyed the episode, Weekend at Bobby’s, and I love that Crowley is the Big Bad this year. But nothing that they have showed so far has changed my mind. I still believe that Supernatural should have ended with season five. The last we would have seen of Dean was him sitting around a table with his family. And Sam? Sam would have died a hero. Both characters getting the ending that they deserved. A bittersweet, yet somehow perfect ending.

Are you a Supernatural fan? What are your thoughts on the new season and the new Sam?


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