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Ghostbusters: Why it was never just for men

Ghostbusters: Why it was never just for men

I loved Ghostbusters! It was a fun popcorn flick! And it kills me that so many people, mostly men, are going to miss out on it.

Why are guys so afraid of this movie destroying their memories of the old one? Let’s be honest, the original Ghostbusters is not a cinematic masterpiece! And this is coming from someone who loved the originals, and faithfully watched the cartoon every Saturday morning.

The original Ghostbusters was about a group of friends, and scientists (except for Winston) having fun and kicking ghost ass. The new movie is about a group of friends, and scientists (except for Patty) having fun and kicking ghost ass. Why should it offend people that the new group is women? Because women are destroying all the childhoods of men? Is that it?

In some ways, I can relate. I was upset when I heard about a possible remake of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. My objections: we hadn’t had enough time to move on from the original, and the rumors that Joss Whedon wouldn’t be involved. The main objection most men have to this movie is that the cast is female.

Which is ridiculous! I’m a child of the 80’s, so I grew up with this movie, along with every other child of the 80’s. I was a fan too. Why don’t the women who were fans get to create their own story? Why is that so wrong? More importantly, why does Ghostbusters only belong to men?

Men will never understand what it’s like to not see yourself represented in a story you love. Never. And don’t say, “You had Janine and Dana!” I love them both, but they weren’t the heroes. And I didn’t want to be either of them when we played Ghostbusters. I wanted to be Egon. Obviously.

Growing up, I did have some great strong female role models in pop culture – Nancy Drew, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wonder Woman. These were women who were the stars of their own stories. They weren’t the girlfriend, the secretary, or the plot device. But that’s just three women.

Men, how many can you name from your youth? Oh right! You can name at least four. In one movie!

And now little girls everywhere can say the same thing! Why would you want to deny them that?

Here’s Why I Loved the New Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters: So many questions!

I loved this movie because I saw real friendships portrayed between women. And if they had disagreements it wasn’t because they were fighting over the attentions of a man. It was about their work. They stood by each other. They supported each other.

Men, please understand how rare this is for us to see. In media, women are often seen competing with each other in unpleasant ways. It’s not true to life. But this! This is what real female friendship looks like.

These women are smart, funny, and they got to kick ghost ass! And I loved it!

Cap and I discussed the movie after we watched it. He mentioned that for all the fuss over Holtzmann, he had thought she’d have a bigger role. I told him I thought the fuss was because women never get to play that kind of role.

Going in, I was afraid her character was going to be loud, crude, and obnoxious, much like Melissa McCarthy’s break out role in Bridesmaids. But I was pleasantly surprised!

Holtzmann is brilliant and odd and quirky and slightly crazy, but not in any of the ways we’ve ever seen a female portrayed before. At least, none that I can recall. The only comparison to any character, male or female,  I can come up with is Murdoch from the A-team. But even that is not quite right. She’s a complete original! I loved it!

Also, who knew that Chris Hemsworth was so funny?! He was brilliant as the dumb blonde secretary. In fact, the whole cast was brilliant! And I loved the cameos from the original cast. They brought a laugh and a smile to my face.

It was a fun movie! And any true Ghostbusters fan would love it! And as one of my friends said, “Harold Ramis would be proud!”

Have you watched Ghostbusters? Were you a fan of the original? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!

Ghostbusters: Why it was never just for men

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