Believe: A poem

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At one time I wrote a bit of poetry. Don’t all writers go through a phase when you think you’re a poet? It’s not something I’m great at, but I had fun with it.

Anyway, I just bought this really cute fairy house for our garden and it reminded me of this poem I wrote ten or more years ago. It’s always been one of my favorites, so I thought I would share it and a few pics of my little fairy house.


Over the Sea and under stone
A little fairy makes her home
She likes to stay hidden
But occasionally comes out when bidden
On moonlit nights,
You may find her dancing all alone
Or across the dewy fields, she may roam
Or perhaps she’ll take a midnight flight
To get a closer look at the stars shining bright
At the break of dawn, she goes to sleep
Dreaming dreams that make her weep
She hopes for the return of her kind
And wonders why she was left behind
Fearful and lonely she has been
For many do not believe in things that can’t be seen
Few of us still have the sight
And know just where to look in the night

I found her sitting on the branch of an oak tree
So, lost in thought that she didn’t see me
I knew just what to say
To make her come out and play
Softly, I whispered, “I believe”
And joyfully she came to me
She asked, “Are there more of you?”
I replied, “A few”
Then she danced around and said, “Don’t you see?
If there are more of you, then there are more of me”

That’s why I share this story
Not for fame or glory
But to help a little friend
Whose world was coming to an end

So, I challenge you
Look deep within your heart
Find the child that lingers there
and believe

The first line is the title of a book by Susan Cooper.

A little fairy moves into her home

I had so much fun picking out all the little decorations for my fairy house! And there are so many more things that I want!

What about you? Do you dabble in poetry? Would you go overboard in the in fairy house department? Let me know in the comments!


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