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Ant Man vs. Fantastic Four

Fantasy Friday: Ant Man vs. Fantastic Four

I was worried that Ant Man would be, well, lame. I should’ve known better because, Paul Rudd. I knew nothing about the comics, but it was a Marvel movie, so of course I had to see it.

And it was absolutely fantastic! It was fun to watch and had a lot of laughs. And Paul Rudd is great as Ant Man/Scott Lang. Everyone was great actually. Evangeline Lilly, Micheal Douglas, Michael Pena all were so fun to watch.

I actually had high hopes for Fantastic Four, in spite of the terrible trailers. The cast looked great – Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, Kate Mara. They have all been interesting in other roles so surely they would be here too.

But Fantastic Four was terrible.

One of the things I love about Marvel movies is that you can tell how much the cast enjoys playing their roles. There was no sense of that with Fantastic Four. Everything was so flat. There was no fun, no personality. It was just boring. There was so much potential just wasted.

I know that Fantastic Four isn’t from Marvel Studios, which is probably the problem. Marvel has spoiled us. And I’m very happy being spoiled.

Are you a fan of Marvel movies? What did you think of Ant Man and Fantastic Four?

What would you like to read next?

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