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Batman vs. Superman: My thoughts

Batman vs. Superman: My thoughts

Bruce Wayne worries about what will happen if Superman decides to turn on the world. How would we ever defeat him? Clark Kent believes The Batman’s vigilante brand of justice is wrong. All this will lead inevitably to an epic battle between our two heroes. It’s what we’ve been waiting to see after all.

There are several interesting questions raised about Superman. About how the world sees him as a god, and if that is a good thing? Even about how Superman sees himself. Does he see himself as a god or just as man who is trying to do good?

This is a dark movie. Interesting. Intense. I enjoyed all the performances. Jesse Eisenberg was appropriately creepy and insane as Lex Luthor. Ben Affleck made a great Bruce Wayne. He plays him as an older and wiser reformed playboy. Gal Gadot was a badass Wonder Woman. I would’ve liked to have seen more of her. Henry Cavill is a decent Superman. I still prefer Christopher Reeves.


Batman vs. Superman is a good movie. But it wasn’t fun.

This is where Marvel beats DC every time. They know how to make movies that are fun! Marvel movies have their angst and raise interesting questions, but they don’t take the fun out of the movie in doing so. Instead you leave the theater eagerly awaiting the next movie. When I left Batman vs. Superman, all I thought was that I could’ve waited to rent it on DVD.

My sister and I were discussing Batman vs. Superman, and I think she made a good point. The problem with a lot of super hero movies is they focus on the burden that being super hero is. It’s one reason Ironman and Captain America were so refreshing. Tony Stark enjoyed being a super hero. And Steve Rogers – he sees it as an honor.

Maybe with the next installments in The Justice League movies, DC will decide to let their Super Heroes and their audience have a little fun. Otherwise, I may be waiting for the DVD.

Have you watched Batman vs. Superman? What are your thoughts? Do you prefer your super heroes brooding or having a little fun? Let me know in the comments?

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2 responses to “Batman vs. Superman: My thoughts

  1. I just watched this movie last night with my dad. It wasn’t something I would have picked — I’m usually the cheesy, romantic comedy type. I spent the whole time feeling really confused. I thought the premise was interesting, but there was just way too much going on for me and way too many storylines which were started but never continued (possibly as a taster for the sequels?). Although, I did think Henry Cavill as Superman was FINE. And, yes, Gal Gadot was a total bad ass. I’d definitely watch the upcoming Wonder Woman movie to see more of her. But I think I’ll be sticking to my usual cheesy romantic comedies from now on out. 🙂