5 Commitments for June

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Each month I commit to doing five things that will improve my life, my health, my home, or my blog. These are my five commitments for June 2016.

Refresh 10 old posts

Ever since I read this post of Allyssa’s, refreshing my old posts has been on my To Do list. I have a ton of old posts, so I thought setting a monthly goal would be the best way to get started, and seem less overwhelming. I’ll start with the posts on my best of page.

Deep clean the Living Room

I deep cleaned my kitchen in May, so now it’s time to tackle the living room. This means doing things like vacuuming under the furniture, washing the blinds and curtains, cleaning the baseboards. You know, all the things I kind of ignore most of the time.

Hang my Pictures

This was a commitment for May that I forgot all about. Oops! So June will be the month I finally get my pictures up. (Or ask Cap to hang them for me! Which let’s be honest is probably the best way to actually get this done!)

Buy a new car

I love my car. I’ve had it for 15 years! But it has broke down three times this year. Well, the one time it didn’t start because my Dad didn’t get the back door completely closed and the battery died, but still… I’m done! It’s time for a new one. Or a new-to-me one anyway.

Continue with KonMari

It’s time to push myself to finish my decluttering journey. I keep putting off the paper portion for some odd reason. I don’t even have that much paper. This month I intend to complete this part and start the miscellaneous portion.

May Commitments and How I Did

  • Complete the paper portion of the KonMari Journey – Fail!
  • Post three times a week – Pass!
  • Deep Clean my Kitchen – Pass!
  • Hang My Pictures – Fail!
  • Get a pedicure – Pass

So what about you? What goals or commitments do you have for May? Are you trying anything new? Let me know in the comments!


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