Why I’m Team Jacob

December 6 2010

With the release of Eclipse on DVD, I thought it would be a good time to discuss one of my favorite Twilight characters – Jacob Black.

I am Team Jacob. Yes, I sometimes make fun of Twilight, but I also really enjoyed the books, in spite of their flaws. And one of the reasons I like them so much: Jacob Black.

I knew a little bit about Twilight before I started reading the books, so I knew about the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob. After finishing the first book, I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting Bella to be with anyone other than Edward. But then came New Moon!

I liked Jacob in the first book, but in New Moon I really grew to love his character. He was fun, happy, playful and had a great sense of humor. He didn’t try to stop Bella from trying mildly dangerous but exciting things, like riding her motorbike. Edward would have tried to stop Bella, but Jacob knew it was something that she needed to do. Of course, if he had known why she needed it, Jacob’s opinion might have been different.

Ultimately, this is why I started to root for Jacob. I wouldn’t want someone telling me I can’t have the adventures I want to have. I would want someone who would be right there by my side having those adventures with me. Edward’s view of Bella was that she was too fragile, but Jacob let her be strong.

Jake had his flaws. He could be manipulative. But honestly, weren’t all of the main Twilight characters manipulative? He also had some serious anger issues, but these started after be became a werewolf. Before that, he was a truly happy person.

Jacob brought the sunshine back into Bella’s life. And until Edward returned, he also brought out the best in Bella. Isn’t that what you would want from a partner?

At least that is what I would want. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he is a tall, dark and pretty werewolf!

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