Why I’m Team Jacob

With the release of Eclipse on DVD, I thought it would be a good time to discuss one of my favorite Twilight characters – Jacob Black. I am Team Jacob. Yes, I sometimes make fun of Twilight, but I also really enjoyed the books, in spite of their flaws. And one of the reasons I […]

Eclipse. Movie Review

I went to see Eclipse last night. It was pretty good, not as good as the book, but I think it is the best of the movies. At least from what I can remember of the first two movies it is the best. I have only watched Twilight and New Moon once each. The thought […]

The Twilight Series

Everyone has heard of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. How can you not? It is everywhere right now. The series is so huge that it is being compared to Harry Potter. So, being a lover of fantasy and Harry fan, I had to check it out. Well, Harry Potter it’s not, but I still found the […]