One Bag Travel – The Experiment

So, I decided that after planning my wardrobe for travel with a carry-on, that I needed to see if it would all fit. I also thought that a trial packing might make a good picture tutorial for the blog. 🙂 Below is my bag, it is the standard size for most airlines at 9x14x22. I […]

One Bag Travel – The Gadgets

I am a gadget girl! And when I travel all those gadgets go with me. I pack my laptop, Nintendo DS, MP3 player, the dock for my MP3 player, camera, cell phone and, of course, all the chargers for each gadget. This could make things difficult for one bag travel. Except, that I now have […]

One Bag Travel – The Liquids

A few days ago I talked about planning my wardrobe for one bag travel, now it is time to discuss the liquids. This may be tricky, because I usually pack most of my liquids and gels in my check-in luggage, and just pack the necessities like toothpaste, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner in my carry-on. […]

One Bag Travel – The Clothes

Monday, I talked about traveling with just a carry-on for my next big trip. (Which will probably be Thailand or Australia next year!) To do so, I really have to rethink the way that I pack, starting with the clothes. Usually I take a shirt for each day. If my trip is 14 days, I […]

I want to travel with one bag.

Every Summer, from the time I was 13 until I was 20 years old, my sister, Paige, and I went to church camp. The first year we packed way too much stuff. I don’t remember for sure how many bags we had, but I am thinking 2 a piece and one we shared, plus sleeping […]

Melba, My World Traveling Friend

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you There are a lot of people I could write about who have had a big impact on me: my parents, my sister, my Poppy, my aunt and uncle, or even Nancy Drew. But the person I am choosing is my good friend, […]