One Bag Travel – The Experiment

June 7 2011

So, I decided that after planning my wardrobe for travel with a carry-on, that I needed to see if it would all fit. I also thought that a trial packing might make a good picture tutorial for the blog. :)

Below is my bag, it is the standard size for most airlines at 9x14x22. I have had it for 7 years, so I don’t remember where I got, maybe Target. It has wheels, but can also be carried as a backpack.

First, I pack my pants. I always lay them in my suitcase like this as it helps minimize wrinkles.

The next layer is my shirts, sweaters, tanks, etc. Usually, I use I combination of folding and rolling, but because I am shooting to fit everything in one bag, I chose just to roll.

Here is another layer. I used one compression packing cube, that I bought from TravelSmith, for socks, bras, panties and a scarf.

My shoes held smaller items like my adapter, jewelry bag, battery-operated razor, and lint brush. I packed them at the sides of my bag.

Now, I fold the legs of my pants over everything else.

On top, goes my toiletry bag, extra duffel bag for souvenirs, and hair dryer, that I know I should leave behind but can’t. :)

Things like my swimsuit cover-up, baggies, flip flops, and first-aid kit went in the front and side pockets.

Here is my bag all packed and ready to go. :) Now, I just need to book a trip!

This is the last in a series of posts chronically my experiment in traveling with one bag. Well, I don’t have a definite trip planned right now, but I want to be ready when I do. (And because I am a geek like that!) :) Hopefully, these articles will be as big a help to you as they are to me.

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