Pretty Little Liars: Books vs. TV

22nd August 2012 | Books | 0 comments

~ Some Spoilers Ahead ~

Maybe this review isn’t fair, considering I am only on Book three of the Pretty Little Liars series, but I have to say that I like the TV show better. This is a very rare thing for me, I always prefer the books , but this time I just don’t.

On the show, I find Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily very relatable. Yeah, they are in high school, and wealthy, with closets to die for, and are being stalked by the mysterious A, but they feel like real girls. Also, I can overlook that they live a lifestyle I know nothing about. In the books, with constant mentions of their gorgeous looks, and designer bags and purses, I find it harder to relate to them and their way of life. I realize that constantly mentioning these things are probably the writer’s way of reinforcing in the reader’s mind the kind of world that the PLLs live in, but I just find it alienating.

One of my favorite things on the show is the friendship between the girls. The cast has great chemistry and you believe that these girls really are friends, and have been for a long time. So far in the books, the girls have had very few scenes together, so I’m missing that aspect of the show that I love so much. I really hope this changes as the books progress.

Another thing that the show has that the books are missing is the Spencer/Toby relationship. Their relationship was so fun to watch grow and develop, but there isn’t any of that in the books. In fact, Toby kills himself at the end of book two! So, now there is no Toby at all! Which is completely unacceptable!

I will give the books this though, at least in the books the Aria/Ezra relationship didn’t last long. As much as I love Ian Harding, I am never going to think it is okay for a teacher to date his student. Yes, I know that currently on the show Ezra is no longer Aria’s teacher, but I’m still just over the relationship. Make it go away! Please! And make Wren go away too! I know that in real life all the actors on the show are around the same age, but they are playing twenty-something guys chasing after high-school girls, and it really just creeps me out. UGH!

Pretty Little Liars the show is so much fun that it made me want to read the books. But I have to say that if I had read the books first, I never would have wanted to watch the show. And that’s a shame!

So, do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Have you read the books? How do you think that the two compare?

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