My Favorites Things of 2011

January 5 2012

Favorite Movie: Captain America
Yes, this was the year that Captain America replaced Tony Stark has my favorite super hero! And no, it has nothing to do with Chris Evans being shirtless, though that didn’t hurt! I just truly fell in love with a great guy named Steve Rogers. :)

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
No show could beat The Walking Dead, when it came to jaw-dropping and heart wrenching moments. The Walking Dead also has some great characters. Like Shane, who is one of the least likeable, but most interesting characters on TV. And of course, there is Daryl, who started off as a stereotypical racist redneck, but has become one of the most sympathetic and entertaining characters on the show.

Favorite Song: Last Night Again by Steel Magnolia
Joshua Scott Jones’ voice is so sexy and the video is so cute! My favorite line is when Meghan Linsey sings: “Boy, if you only knew the things I’ve been thinking, you’d be meeting me outside.” It’s a fun duet and I can listen to it over and over again.

Favorite Book: The Hunger Games
I could not put this book down! Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have become two of my favorite characters of all time. And I just think it is awesome that Lenny Kravitz is playing Cinna in the movie, he is just perfect! Be on the lookout for a review soon.

Favorite Trend: Red Pants
It’s kinda hard for me to believe, but I actually like red skinny jeans! Love them! I don’t have a picture of myself in my pair, but I bought the ones in the picture above. So cute! I hope these are trendy for a long time!

So, what are some of your favorites of 2011?

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