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Trademarks of Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz is one of my favorite authors; I have been reading his books for years. I like his books because they can’t really be categorized. They have a little bit of everything: horror, suspense, romance, drama, humor. I like to have it all! And Koontz delivers that! Because I have read so many of his books, I have learned that there are certain things you can depend on with almost every book Koontz writes.

1. There will be a dog! There will be something special about this dog, sometimes in a supernatural way, sometimes not, but you can bet he will be very important.

2. At some point, someone will be wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Always. In every book.

3. Most of his books are set in California, or at least on the west coast.

4. One protagonist, usually the woman, will have had a traumatic/abusive past that she has overcome.

5. The male protagonist is usually really easygoing and patient, especially when it comes to dealing with the female protagonist.

6. The male and female protagonist will have great banter. Always. (It’s one of my favorite things about his books.)

7. The protagonists usually have very conservative beliefs, and shun most of the things that their generation like, as far as music, TV, and movies go. No reality TV or Paris Hilton love here!

8. The Big Bad is pure evil.

9. Good will always win!

Are you a Koontz fan? What are some trademarks you can think of? What are some trademarks of other authors that you read?

What would you like to read next?

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