The Twilight Series: My Thoughts

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The Twilight Series: My Thoughts

Everyone has heard of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. How can you not? It is everywhere right now. The series is so huge that it is being compared to Harry Potter. So, being a lover of fantasy and Harry fan, I had to check it out. Well, Harry Potter it’s not, but I still found the series enjoyable.

The books were completely different from what I expected. I was expecting a fantasy story with a little bit of romance, instead I got a romance story with a little bit of fantasy. But no matter what you expect, it is impossible not to get caught up in the love triangle of Bella Swan, her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen and her best friend werewolf, Jacob Black.

Sure, I know that Twilight has its haters, but I think that that comes from people putting way too much thought into these books. As I said, this isn’t Harry Potter! The Twilight series is a simple story of an average girl, who happens to have a gorgeous vampire and a hot werewolf in love with her. It is female fantasy. Pure and simple. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I’ve read a lot of reviews of Twilight that say that Bella Swan is the worst heroine of all time, that she is a terrible role model for girls everywhere. Hello! She is a character in a book! She is not meant to be a role model. Yes, sometimes she can be annoying and sometimes she does stupid stuff, but that just makes her character human. There were times when I related to Bella and other times I just wanted to smack her.

While I don’t feel that Stephenie Meyer is a great writer, I do think that she is a good storyteller with the wonderful ability to create characters that the reader actually cares about. I had to know what happened with Bella. Who would she choose? Edward? Jacob? (I’m Team Jacob, just so you’ll know.) Could there be a happy ending once she made her choice?

The first three books of the series, Twilight, New Moon ,and Eclipse are really fun and worth your time to read. (I like to pretend that the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, doesn’t exist.) I found the books very hard to put down and everyone that I know who has read them says the same thing. Are they great literature? No. Are they a fun and addictive read? YES!

Have you read Twilight? Are you a fan? Team Jacob or Team Edward? Let me know in the comments!

This was first posted at my old website With the new movie coming out next week, I thought I would re-post it.


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