The One Hundred by Nina Garcia

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I really don’t read non-fiction. For me reading, is about escaping from reality, and non-fiction is all about reality. So, I avoid it.

However, I really enjoy books on fashion and style. One of my favorites is Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own. Her book offers some great advice and was fun to read. I was pleased to see that I already had a some things on the list like a Trench coat, a luggage set, passport, pencil skirt and a Pea Coat just to name a few. The purpose of the book is to help you make your own list of 100 things you can’t live without. There were some things on Nina’s list that didn’t suit my lifestyle or just weren’t that important to me. Example, I don’t feel the need to own Wayfarers, instead I would just like to own a flattering pair of prescription sunglasses. After reading The One Hundred, I made my own list. My list is actually a wish list of pieces that I want to invest in. I looked at her list and picked out the things that I loved and would actually wear. You can tell from my list that I really love coats and jackets.

My Wish List

  1. A great pair of prescription sunglasses
  2. One cute animal print accessory
  3. Cute bangles that I would actually wear
  4. Two good belts – one brown and one black
  5. A bikini that suits my body
  6. A great blazer
  7. A cute clutch
  8. Converse sneakers
  9. Cowboy boots
  10. A fitted denim jacket
  11. Crocodile skin purse
  12. Black knee boots
  13. A really nice slip
  14. White button down shirt
  15. A leather jacket
  16. A safari or utility jacket
  17. A Silk scarf
  18. A really great long necklace
  19. A perfume that does not make me sneeze.
  20. THE little black dress

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