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My Favorite Characters

I was thinking about some of my favorite characters in literature, and I realized that I often like the best friend over the hero. In fact, three of my all time favorites are best friends. Ron Weasley, from the Harry Potter series, Samwise Gamgee, from Lord of the Rings and Melanie Wilkes, from Gone With the Wind.

First, there is Ron. He has always been my favorite in the Harry Potter books. He is funny, brave and loyal. It is true that Ron’s insecurities and temper sometimes cause him and Harry to fight, but Ron always returns to his friend’s side. Ron sacrificed himself for Harry and Hermione in Philosopher’s Stone, was willing to die to protect Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban, and saved Harry’s life in Deathly Hallows. Ron is true and brave, and he is always good for a laugh. Exactly what a good friend should be.

Now for Samwise Gamgee. Words cannot express how much I love this character! He really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. 🙂 Sam is the kind of person (Hobbit), that I wish I could be. He never thinks of himself, only of his friend, Frodo. Sam always puts Frodo’s needs and welfare above his own. Sam is always pleasant and cheerful and never gives up hope, no matter how dire the circumstances. I mean Sam carried Frodo up Mount Doom! Can you get more awesome than that?!

Then there is Melanie Wilkes. Melanie was the kind of person who only saw the good in those that she loved and she could never believe anything bad about them. Melanie always stuck by Scarlett’s side when others talked bad about her, and most of the times what those people said was true. It is easy to defend someone when they are right, but the sign of a true friend is someone who stands by your side even when you are in the wrong. And Melanie Wilkes was certainly that! She was also sweet, kind, strong and brave. Scarlett O’Hara didn’t realize what a true friend she had until it was too late.

I love Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins and Scarlett O’Hara too, but it is their friends that made me love their stories. Because just like in real life, a hero’s story would not be as sweet, rich and full without his friends.

So, who are some of your favorite characters and why? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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