Eclipse. Movie Review

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Eclipse. Movie Review

I went to see Eclipse last night. It was pretty good, not as good as the book, but I think it is the best of the movies. At least from what I can remember of the first two movies it is the best. I have only watched Twilight and New Moon once each.

The thought of watching Twilight again kind of makes me cringe. Robert Pattinson’s acting is laughable and I just can’t watch it. Just watch the fight with James where he is sucking the vampire poison from Bella! It’s awful! I was also disappointed with Kristen Stewart in the first movie, but she has really improved as Bella with each installment.

I really liked New Moon, but it did have some scenes that made me roll my eyes. Like the scene, where Bella is wounded and Jake takes his shirt off to bandage he wound; it was like we were all expected to swoon! Come on!

Eclipse had fewer cringe-worthy scenes. In fact, I can’t really remember ANY at the moment. I felt like it was well paced and the action scenes were really good. It also included several of my favorite moments from the book, like Jasper and Rosalee’s backstories, and the motorcycle scene with Jacob.

I think Kristen Stewart did an excellent job of portraying Bella finally realizing the consequences of her decisions. Over all, I was pleased with it.

Now for Taylor Lautner. He is pretty, but he only makes a decent Jacob. He needs to be more playful and have some spark to his personality, after all Jacob was suppose to be Bella’s sun. So far, Taylor hasn’t really shown that; he seems a little wooden at times. I do feel like his acting was better in this one than in New Moon.

I had hoped that they would wrap things up in this one. I really don’t want to see Breaking Dawn on the big screen, and I’ve heard that they are going to make it in to two movies. Now, that really makes me cringe! It was horrible! Maybe they will leave out the whole imprinting thing, which is just creepy.

In fact, leave out Nessie completely and have Bella dump Edward at the alter and pick Jacob! Now is the chance to right what once went wrong! Go Team Jacob!


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