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WTF? How much do you curse on your website?

Does it seem to you like a lot of bloggers repeatedly drop the f-bomb just to be cool? It’s like they’re saying, “Look at how cool, and badass and rebellious I am!”

I am not saying they shouldn’t curse on their blog, after all it is their blog, I am just questioning why they do it.

Very rarely do I use curse words here, simply because that it is not how I talk in real life. That’s not how I was raised, it is not who I am. I’m not saying that I never cuss, because I do. Shit, ass and piss are everyday words for me.:) But the f-bomb? If you hear that coming from my mouth, just know that I am extremely angry and on the verge of losing control.

Having said all that, I do understand that cursing has its place in writing.

Used correctly, a curse word can gain the reader’s attention and show the writer’s passion for their chosen topic. Dean Koontz, one of my favorite authors, very rarely uses cursing in his books, so when he does it has a lot of impact.

But repeatedly using curse words just because, that adds nothing to what you are saying. All it truly says is that the writer has no imagination or creativity to express what they want to say.

If profanity is part of your everyday conversation, then go for it! If it isn’t, then ask yourself why you’re trying to be something you’re not.

So, what is your opinion? And do you use cursing on your website?

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One response to “WTF? How much do you curse on your website?

  1. Kim

    I certainly agree. Ever since I was in middle school I started hearing people use curse words to be cool. I am JUST like you. People would see me as the goody goody girl who would never curse. So they would dare me to say something, and to their surprise I would say it with ease! It just never occurred to them that I had no problem saying anything but I just didn’t really need to use it in my daily language. I mostly use it when I’m angry too (my boyfriend knows this very well…LOL..) or for jokes (because my boyfriend knows I don’t curse much) haha 🙂

    I don’t mind seeing it in people’s blogs at all. But if it’s my first time visiting, I’ll be a little surprised and startled. If used with good taste (not every other word, etc), it’s not too bad.
    Oh don’t even worry about not being able to return the visit in a while! If anything I’m very happy you haven’t forgotten about me and dropped by! 🙂