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17 Ideas for Your End of the Year Posts

Write those end of the year posts now

December is so close! And it will be a hectic month for everyone with getting ready for Christmas and New Years. I also know that work will also be exhausting for me since I work in retail and December is our busiest month.

With all that will be going on, I don’t want to get behind on my blogging. So I want to start planning my December posts now. And not just planning my posts, I’ll be writing them, making my graphics, and scheduling my posts. I did this last year, and it made my blog one less worry during the busy Holidays.

And I’m sure that you would like for your blog to be one less worry in December too! So, I’m going to give you 17 ideas for your end of the year posts!

Decide on the theme for your end of the year posts

What kind posts do you want to write for the end of the year? Best of? Reflection posts? Once you know what kind of posts you want to write, make a list of the different post titles. This is just your starting point, so you can change your titles later.

Below I’m going to give you some potential titles for your end of the year round-up. Some of these are super simple, which is just what you need at this time of year. Quick posts that will still provide value to your blog.

Ideas for “Best of” Posts

There so many post ideas here! Here are just a few ideas if you want to keep your posts blog and social media related:

  • Most Popular Posts of the Year
  • Best of Instagram
  • Best of Twitter
  • Most Liked Facebook Posts
  • Most Pinned Pins
  • Best Blogs You started reading in 2016

You can also go with some “Best of” posts for offline life.

  • Best Movies of 2016
  • Best Books of 2016
  • Best TV Shows of 2016

Ideas for Reflection Posts

If you want to keep them blogging and social media related:

  • Blogging Lessons learned in 2016
  • Best Blogging Decisions/Investments of 2016
  • Blogging Goals for 2017

Here are ideas if you want to focus on your real life:

  • Ten things you learned in 2016
  • Ten New Things you tried in 2016
  • Milestones reached in 2016
  • Goals for 2017
  • 10 New Things to Try in 2017

Now that you have your list, start writing! That’s what I’m going to do!

17 Ideas for Your End of the Year Posts

This post originally ran on November 9, 2015. It has been updated

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16 responses to “Write those end of the year posts now

  1. These are really good ideas, thanks! I’m so disorganised when it comes to end of the year blogging so I’m going to try and start next week ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Paula, you are totally a few steps ahead of me. I hadn’t even thought of “end of year” posts. I think many of these suggestions would be great to write out whether they are posted or not. I am especially thinking about the milestone one. It’s so easy to not take the time to think about these thing and act like nothing has changed. Fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ivy

    Love this post! I’m currently trying to get ahead on my blogging schedule in order to participate in NaNoWriMo, but I’m not doing so well lol. You’ve definitely got some great ideas though and I just might have to steal a few of them ๐Ÿ˜Š