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15 Post Ideas for Your Blog

Sometimes we all get a little stuck for ideas. It’s just part of being a writer and blogger, that dreaded writer’s block. So, here are a few topics that you can use when you’re at a loss for what to write about. A few of these I’ve wrote about here, and some are sitting in my drafts folder waiting to be completed. I hope that they give you some inspiration.

1. A List of Goals – Personal, Spiritual, Health, Education, Style etc

Write in depth about why you set these particular goals and how you plan on achieving them, picking a different list for each day.

2. Your to be read list.

Write a review of each book after you have read it. If you’re like me, you probably have a huge TBR list so there will endless post ideas here.

3. A DVD review of your favorite show.

Dedicate a week or longer to reviewing it. Write reviews of favorite episodes, the characters, the extras, the theme of that particular season (if there is one), and write about why the show is your favorite.

4. You life now vs. your childhood dreams

Write about how different your life is from what you pictured as a kid or teenager. Is it better than what you pictured? How so? Focus on the positive.

5. Your favorite singer/band.

Dedicate a week or longer to them. Review each of their albums. Review favorite songs and tell about why those particular songs mean so much to you. Tell about why they are your favorite artist.

6. Plan out your dream vacation.

Write about why you picked this destination and plan your itinerary.

7. Trademarks of your favorite author.

Write about some of the things that you have come to expect from every book they write. What do you love about those trademarks? What can you do without?

8. Your blogging milestones.

No doubt that it was hard getting there, so celebrate when you reach your 100th, 200th 500th, etc post.

9. Blogging Advice

Write about the best advice you have received or found since you started blogging.

10. What you would like to see in the upcoming season of your favorite show.

Did the show end on a cliffhanger? How would you like to see it resolved? In what direction would you like to see the writer’s take your favorite characters?

11. Why one of your favorite shows isn’t quite as good as it use to be.

What do you miss about it’s glory days? In what ways can the show improve?

12. Favorite posts from some of your favorite bloggers.

You can make this a weekly series, like I do with Saturday Sharing. Or you can do a round up of links around one of your favorite topics like blogging tips, style help, writing tips, etc.

13. Something new that you recently tried.

Did you try something new recently? A new craft or recipe? Did you cross an item off your bucket list? Write a post about it!

14. Your bucket list

All those things you dream of doing someday, write about it!

15. A “best of” list.

Share your best blog posts, most liked pictures on Instagram, most liked Facebook posts, or Tweets. These will be fun, but simple and quick posts.

If these inspire you to write a post, be sure to let me know so I can come by and read it.

Have you ever had writer’s block? What to you do when you’re stuck for ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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