What I’m Doing to Promote My Blog

Posted June 27, 2016 by Paula in Blogging / 11 Comments

What I'm Doing to Promote My Blog

One of the hardest things about blogging is promoting my blog. I love writing. I enjoy reading other blogger’s work. I have fun working on graphics for my blog. But self-promotion… it’s hard work.

But I’m making myself get out there, and here is what I’m currently doing to promote my blog, and you should consider doing them too.

Join Blogging Groups

I’ve heard this advice a lot, but never followed it. But then I joined Blog Boss Babe, and I saw how beneficial it can be. And I’ve joined a couple other groups on Facebook as well. Now I have places to go to ask advice and opinions on what I’m working on. It’s great!

Just remember that these groups will only work if you do. Don’t be a lurker! If you have a question, don’t be too shy to ask. If you know the answer to a question, jump right in and give it. Participate as much as you are able.

Create a Facebook Page

This was scary! Not many people in my life know that I blog, so starting a Facebook page felt vulnerable. I chose to only invite friends and family to like my page, and not any work friends. Somehow this made it less intimidating. For you it may be the exact opposite. I do recommend it though.

The main reason that I decided to create a Facebook page is that this seems to be where more and more people are sharing blog posts. Twitter use to be the go to, but from looking at other blogger’s share buttons, Pinterest and Facebook almost always have the most shares. And I don’t want my little blog to fall behind because of my own insecurities.

Schedule Tweets and Facebook posts

I use Jetpack which automatically publicizes my posts for me. I have it set to publish each new post to my Facebook page, Twitter, and Google+. Which is great, because I don’t have to remember to do it myself!

Submit posts to SITS

SITS allows you to submit your own post and then they will publish a link to it, and publicize it for you. I realize that this is not a sustainable way to grow your blog, but for me it’s a way to put myself out there. And I have seen traffic increases to the posts I’ve submitted, and I’ve also seen an increase in engagement on Social Media. So it’s been a good move for me so far.

Join Bloglovin’

After reading Lauren’s post on Bloglovin’ I decided to join. While I don’t have a ton of traffic coming from Bloglovin’ yet, it is a great way to keep up with your favorite blogs, and find new blogs to read. Which, of course, gives you the opportunity to connect with those bloggers.

What about you? Do you find self-promotion to be hard? What are you doing to promote your blog? Any tips? Let me know in the comments!

What Im Doing to Promote My Blog


11 responses to “What I’m Doing to Promote My Blog

  1. Hey Paula! Yep, I’m a Bloglovin’ fan! Love the ease of checking in when I want to and keeping up with readers there since I’m not a big social media person.

    After 1400+ posts, the best way I’ve found to grow a blog is to nurture the relationships that spring up 1 by 1. I always respond to every comment in the discussions that follow each post … and sooner or later come by to visit the commenters at their own home turf and offer an encouraging word.

    Thanks for the tips!

    Linda Stoll recently posted..In Praise of the Empty InboxMy Profile

    • Thank you for coming by Linda! And can I just say – Wow! 1400 posts! That is amazing! 🙂 And you’re absolutely right about building relationships to grow your blog! 🙂

  2. Mica @ Pastel Books

    This is really interesting, I’m taking your advice on a lot of these points. Thanks for sharing! 😀

  3. I find it extremely hard to self promo, but I do it as much as possible. I try to join Pinterest boards and Facebook groups. It has helped me when it comes to meeting new bloggers and attracting new people onto my blog.

  4. So much great advice for someone, like me, who’s new to blogging! I haven’t really ventured into the self promotion side yet but it is on my mind. I have a question though – could a blog grow without Facebook? I “unfriended” Facebook for a month in January and haven’t gone back yet. I’m really enjoying my Facebook-free time but more blog groups that I look at joining have Facebook requirements. Do you think the other methods as effective as spreading the bloggy love through Facebook?

    • I’ve considered un-friending Facebook many times. So I understand wanting to go back to it. As long as you have a way for your visitors to share your posts on Facebook it’s probably not as necessary to have your own page on Facebook. There’s all kinds of ways to promote your blog this is just one of them. It’s important to try different things out to see what works for you. Like you could focus more on Pinterest or Instagram. 🙂

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