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My best posts on blogging

I tend to write about what’s on my mind or about what I’m learning. And for the past couple of years, blogging has been a huge focus for me. I’m constantly working on the blog and finding better ways to do things. Because of that blogging as been one of my favorite subjects to write about. So, I want to share with you some of my very best post on blogging. These are some of my best posts overall and I’m really proud of them.

My Best Posts on Blogging

How to write three posts a week without going insane
Some people post every day. Some people only post once a week. Posting every day is too much for me and once a week just isn’t enough. So if you’re like me and need a schedule in the middle this post will tell you how to do it.

10 tips for maintaining your blog while working full time
It’s not easy working full time and having a life and maintaining a blog. I work 48 to 50 hours a week and I’m still able to keep up with my blogging tasks. (Most of the time!) These tips will tell you how I do it

8 Things Bloggers Don’t Have to Do
If you blog, then I’m sure you’ve heard all about the rules bloggers need to follow to be successful. Some of them are helpful but most don’t apply to every blogger in every situation. In this post, I cover eight rules that I think it’s OK to break.

7 of my favorite WordPress plugins
These seven plugins have been game changers for my blog!

8 Blogging Rules that Everyone Needs to Follow
Remember that I said some rules are helpful? Well, these are some of those rules! And most of these rules have more to do with how to make it easier for visitors to read your blog posts which is something that we all definitely want!

3 Benefits of Letting a Post Sit
Do you feel like you have to publish a post as soon as you write it? Sometimes our posts are better if we allow some time between the initial writing and publishing. This post explains why.

What I learned about blogging from my Chihuahua
This post was so much fun to write! And let me tell you my Buffy is one wise Chihuahua!

Why it’s important to have a full drafts folder
I give you two reasons why a full drafts folder is a great thing to have!

What I learned about blogging from 16 years of retail
I’ve learned a lot of skills at my job including some that have helped me in blogging journey.

8 Tips for Hobby Bloggers
There is all kinds of advice out there for people who want to blog to make money. But what if you just want to blog for fun? Well, this post is for you!

How to create epic link posts
Do you enjoy a good round up of links? Well, this post will tell you how to make the most out of your link round up posts!

Big Magic – Why Every Blogger Needs to Read It
Everyone should read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert! And bloggers especially need to read it! It will be such an encouragement to you! Trust me!

Now, what about you? What do you write about the most? If you blog, do you find yourself writing about blogging a lot? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you Helene for the idea for this post!

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4 responses to “My best posts on blogging

  1. Wow, this was a very smart and informative post. I went ahead a read your post on how to maintain a blog while working full time, and the pointers are definitely on target, and definitely things that I need to start doing. Also, as you mentioned– repost old work that you are proud of when you don’t have as much time– it certainly worked for you Paula! Great post!


  2. Ooh this is fantastic. Thank you!! I’ve neglected my blog of late, but I’m looking forward to looking through these goodies and getting some ideas 🙂