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Is Twitter worth it anymore?

Is Twitter worth it anymore?

I use to love Twitter. People would tweet funny things or interesting blog posts. But now…

There is just so much hate.

And let’s be honest there was a lot of hate on Twitter before the election but now it is 100 times worse.

Scrolling through Twitter is no longer a good way to relax my brain for a few minutes (Or maybe an hour. Or Two.). Instead, I leave Twitter enraged and often depressed.

And it’s not just the opposing hate between the Left and Right, it’s the witch hunts that get me the most.

Someone says something that you disagree with or find offensive so you round up all your followers and attack with the aim to destroy them.

I unfollowed an author who I thought was pretty cool until she gleefully bragged that she and her followers had destroyed another author’s chance at a book deal. Had the lady said something stupid and offensive? Yep. Should she have been called out for it? Yep. Did she deserve to have her life ruined for it? Nope.

And I don’t want to follow people like that. Or read their books for that matter.

And then there was Katie Rich’s comment about Barron Trump. Make fun of his Dad all you want. Barron is just a kid. But even though it made me angry I didn’t think she should lose her job over it!

Who among us hasn’t made a thoughtless or tasteless comment?! All of us have! It’s definitely good to be called out on it so that hopefully in time we grow up and learn not to say stupid hurtful things. But again I don’t think people’s lives should be ruined for it. Even this dude here.

I also follow author S.E Hinton who was recently attacked on Twitter because she made the statement that if someone asked her if she wrote her characters as gay she would have to say no. And for some reason, this made people angry. She didn’t say that they couldn’t imagine them that way for fanfiction if they wanted. She said that she didn’t understand it because she hadn’t written them that way. And this made her to some people a homophobe. It was ridiculous!

And let’s not forget Steve Martin’s tweet about Carrie Fisher! He said something nice about a friend and because he mentioned her looks first, everyone was offended. Steve Martin actually knew Carrie Fisher. He would probably know better what she would have personally found offensive than all the people who were offended on her behalf.

Neither of these people were being offensive. S.E. Hinton was stating a fact about characters she wrote when she was a teenager in the 1960’s. Steve Martin was stating his feelings about his friend who had just passed away.

Do you know why I don’t find these statements offensive? Because I’ve learned not to take situations that have nothing to do with me and make them about myself and my personal feelings.

But apparently, I haven’t learned how to not let them make me angry. Or how to not let them take away my enjoyment of Twitter. These attacks are like train wrecks and I can’t look away. No matter how tiresome it is to see tirade after tirade over things that don’t really matter. And I hate that I allow myself to give these things my mental energy!

There are so many greater issues going on in the world. And Twitter was my way of keeping up with those issues for a long time, but now it’s hard to distinguish fact from people’s opinions, feelings, and rants.

Twitter has also been a way for me to connect with other bloggers. It’s also where I have my biggest social media following. So, there is a part of me that is afraid to let Twitter go completely.

My alternative to Twitter for now

I know I can get my news from Allsides. I started reading this site recently. And I like it. Especially the articles from the Center. These seem to be true to their word and show little bias to Left or Right. Which is what I want from my news. I just want facts. Then I can make up my own mind about what I think about those facts.

And I know that there are other ways to connect with bloggers. Facebook groups for one. Both Facebook and Pinterest bring my blog more traffic than Twitter, so it makes sense to focus more time and energy on these forms of social media.

So, I have a lot to think about in regards to Twitter. It just isn’t worth it mentally and emotionally right now. I won’t be giving it up completely, but I will be focusing my attention elsewhere. And I’m definitely taking the app off my phone. Again.

What about you? Do you use Twitter? Do you find it to be discouraging at times? Let me know in the comments!

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7 responses to “Is Twitter worth it anymore?

  1. I love Twitter and will never leave it. However, I’ve learned how to create Lists and use them me than my normal feed. Also, no harm in unfollowing or muting. It’s your feed. Make it what you want it to be.

  2. I’ve never heard of Allsides, so I’m going to check it out after writing this. One of my biggest pet peeves is people getting annoyed on other people’s behalf, so I loved that you covered that!