Why it’s important to have a full drafts folder

Posted August 10, 2016 by Paula in Blogging / 6 Comments

Why it's important to have a full drafts folder

Do you look at a draft folder that’s full and become overwhelmed? Do you see it as projects that may never be finished? What if there was another way to look at it? I look at a full drafts folder and see potential! For me, there are two great benefits of having a ton of drafts waiting to be published.

It will keep your fears at bay

What do writer’s fear the most? Running out of ideas! But when I see over 40 drafts in my folder, it reminds me that I have a ton of ideas! And even if I haven’t come with a new idea lately, I still have several things to write about until I do come up with a new post idea. This takes a ton of pressure off, which actually makes it easier to come up with ideas.

Another fear I have – getting behind in blogging. I know that this is a self-imposed fear because there is no rule that says how often I should post. But I have set myself a goal of posting three times a week. And when I have several drafts, I know that I have plenty of material for the blog. I want my blog to be fun, not a chore, so having lots of drafts takes the stress out of blogging.

It speeds up the writing process

Lauren at Elle&Co suggests that you outline all your posts when you put them in the drafts folder. I was only half doing this. Sometimes all I would have would be the post title, any notes about the post would be in my phone or on a random piece of paper somewhere. But now I put in all the points I want to make in my post, as well as a reminder about any anecdotes I want to tell.

This has really sped up my writing process. I pick a post from my draft folder, and then just start writing. I don’t have to rack my brain trying to remember what I wanted to say, or search all over for my notes. Since the process is more simple now, I look forward to writing more than I ever have.

What about you? Do you enjoy having a full drafts folder? Do you find it overwhelming? Any tips on drafting? Let me know in the comments!

Why it's important to have a full drafts folder


6 responses to “Why it’s important to have a full drafts folder

  1. Michelle Westbrook

    I only started using my drafts recently. I used to only have one or two at most that I was working on. I really like the idea of outlining the post when you create a new draft. That makes so much sense!

    I’m curious – Do you write your posts within WordPress? Or do you take the outline and write it somewhere else like Word or Docs?
    Michelle Westbrook recently posted..Why Do You Blog?My Profile

  2. Dana

    I only started using drafts the last few weeks, as a fashion blogger i dont tend to have a lot of time for photoshoots so when i have a shoot ready to go, it goes! But over the june i was away and didnt have any time to create new content and i didnt have any drafts when i needed them! So ive started making mini posts to go up for times like that, for ‘in-between’ times!

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin’

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