How to Find Great Blogs

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How to Find Great Blogs

When I first started blogging, I struggled to find blogs that I truly enjoyed reading. But that’s not the case now! Now I have more great blogs to read, than I have time! So, I thought I would share with you how I found them.

Do a Google Search on a Favorite Topic

I found several of my favorite blogs when I did a Google search on travel and packing tips. It’s how I found Wardrobe Oxygen and Be More With Less. And the best part was that these blogs had so much more to offer than my original search query.

Check out Blogrolls

When you find a blog that you enjoy reading, check out their blogrolls. They will most likely link to blogs in their own niche, so you’ll have an idea of what kind of blogs you’ll be visiting. Finding Wardrobe Oxygen introduced me to the world of style blogging, and blogs like Already Pretty. Already Pretty had a huge impact on the way that I see body image.

Follow your Favorite Bloggers on Twitter

Or Facebook. Or Pinterest. Whatever your favorite social media platform is find your favorite blogger on there and follow them. Almost all bloggers will share the blogs that they are reading, so this is one the easiest ways to find new blogs to read. If I don’t have time to check a link out right away, I like it so that I can go back later to check it out.

Participate in a Meme

These can be a lot of fun and are great when you are at a loss about what to blog about. One of my favorites is Sunday Stealing. I found Meghan Sara’s blog through this meme.

Participate in a Link Up

This is another fun way to find new blogs. Some bloggers will have a weekly link up, and some will host a monthly one. There are all kinds to suit your needs. Even if you don’t want to link up, you can still check out the links. I recommend linking up though because it’s a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers.

Some of my favorite link ups:
Top Ten Tuesday
What I’m Into
Small Goals
The Ultimate Rabbit Hole

Check out the comments section on your favorite blogs

When you comment on a great post, read what some of the other commenters had to say. If you find someone who wrote something that you liked, go visit their blog! If you’re reading the same type of blogs, you might just have something in common. Maybe you’ll find your blogging soul mate!

So, how do you find amazing blogs to read? What are some of your favorite blogs? Let me know in the comments!

How to Find Great Blogs


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