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How to create epic link posts

The first time I read a weekly link post was at Already Pretty. Sally shared posts she had read on fashion, body image, and self love. It quickly became one my favorite reads of the week. Then I found Sarah’s weekly Web Time Wasters, another fun link round up! Because of these two ladies, I started my own weekly round up that I called Saturday Sharing.

Now, I get a ton of compliments on my weekly round up links. I do my best to provide a variety of posts, so that my readers will have something to make them laugh, make them think, or help them on their blogging journey.

So, if you’ve considered having a weekly link post here are my tips to make it easy and fun.

Know where to find great posts

I have three main sources that I go to every week when I’m looking for posts to share.

My Facebook Groups – If you don’t belong to any Facebook groups for bloggers, then I highly recommend joining some. And not just to find links for your link posts! But because they are a great way to connect with other Bloggers. You’ll find people who are asking the same questions about blogging that you are, and you can learn and grow together.

Most groups will have a blog post promotion day. I always participate, and as a result I’ve found so many great blogs! Which I can then share in my link posts. It’s a win-win!

Because of my Facebook groups, I’ve also started following several blog on Facebook, when they post an interesting link I save that post. Then when I have time I go back and read those saved posts. I’ve found tons of great articles to share this way.

Twitter – Whenever I find a new blogger that I enjoy reading, I follow them on Twitter. This is a great way to find posts! I don’t always have time to read the post right then, so I like the posts I’m interested in, and then go back later to read them.

Bloglovin’ – I’m not using Bloglovin’ to read blogs now, as much as I am Facebook, but it’s still a great way to keep up with your favorite blogs. And I have it set up to receive recommendations on new blogs to read via email.

Know what your readers are looking for

I always make sure to read the comments on my link up posts. Which links do the readers mention? This is one way I know what kind of posts are popular with my readers. I also check my stats to see which links got the most click-throughs.

Looking at these two things has shown me that my visitors like blogging tips, and life help posts, such as tips on decluttering and managing time. So, be sure to look at your comments and click-throughs to see what your readers enjoy the most, that way you can include more of those kind of posts in your link up.

Have a simple way to keep track of posts

When I read a blog post that I know I want to share, I bookmark it to folder named Saturday Sharing. See! Super simple! And sometimes, I will surf with my WordPress dashboard open in one tab, so that I can immediately add a link to a draft post.

Consider this time working on your blog

Am I the only one who feels guilty when I spend time reading other blogs? Like this is time that I should be spending on my own blog? Well, it took a while, but I finally learned that reading other blogs was in fact working on my own! Because one of the most important parts of blogging is connecting with other bloggers!

And of course the best way to connect with other bloggers is to comment on their posts and then share their work! So, don’t feel guilt when you spend time enjoying other blogs! It’s just part of the job! One of the most fun parts!

So what about you? Do you have a weekly link round up? Leave me the link, so I can check it out! Also, what are your tips for making it fun and easy? Let me know in the comments!

How to Create Epic Link Posts

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