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Best Advice on Blogging

I know what you are thinking, how can someone who has been blogging for less than a year give me advice on blogging? Well, I can’t. But I can share some helpful advice that I found from reading other more-experienced bloggers.

Mira at Jefflion, gave some great advice when she said to write posts in advance, that way you can still update even when you busy. I like to post two to three times a week, but some weeks I don’t have as much time to write as others. So, I write when I have time and save my posts. Then on the weeks that I am swamped I still have something new to add to my blog.

Another advantage of writing in advance is that I have time to proofread and make any needed improvements, additions, or deletions.

Michelle at Word Count says to plan ahead. Definitely great advice! I plan most of my posts in advance, that way when I have time to write all I have to do is look at my list of topics and start writing. By planning ahead, I don’t stress out wondering what to blog about. After all, blogging should be fun, not a chore and planning ahead actually helps make it that. And I still leave room to be flexible, if something comes up in my life that I want to write about immediately, I do it.

Another of Michelle’s tips is to use theme days. I already do Sunday Stealing, (it may just be a meme, but it’s fun and it counts!) and I have come up with some of my own ideas for themes. Last week, I started Fantasy Friday, where I post something related to sci-fi, fantasy, or horror.

Marian Librarian says that it is a good idea to track your posts to see which get the most hits. This will give you an idea about what visitors are looking for at your blog. My blog gets the most hits whenever I write about the internet and Supernatural. Two things that I love, which is very lucky for me!

Jenn at Blogging Girl says that to be taken seriously as a blogger you need your own domain name. It was her article that inspired me to install WordPress and move my blog to my domain.

What I considered to be the best advice, also came from Michelle, it is to be consistent. Consistency is something that I struggle with in my daily life, so I know how important it is to being successful at anything that you want to accomplish. I am planning on blogging three to four times a week. This way visitors will have an idea about when to expect something new.

One more piece of advice before I go, this is something that you see everywhere, but it never hurts to be reminded of it. In real life and online life, just be yourself! After all, that is what makes your blog different from any other, your own unique perspective and personality.

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