Are you a lurker?

Posted January 27, 2011 by Paula in Blogging / 0 Comments

Do you ever visit a blog and wonder why it is so popular? Do you wonder how they get so many comments when their posts really aren’t that interesting?

There is one site that I visit regularly, because I enjoy the non-blog related content, but I have never been able to make it through any of the blog posts. Yet, she receives 20 to 30 comments a post, which is a lot for a personal blog. I don’t understand why. Though I have a feeling that it’s because this blogger is really good about returning comments.

I understand that returning comments is an important part of getting comments, but I read other blogs that are much more interesting that receive very few comments. Could it be because that blogger isn’t as good about returning comments?

So, why do you comment? To get people to visit your blog and comment in return? Or to contribute to the conversation that the blogger started? For most people, I am sure it is a combination of both.

I have to admit, I rarely comment, even on blogs that I love. Take MaryAnn, of Flick Filosopher, I have been reading her blog for years. She writes movie reviews and occasionally about her life. I truly enjoy reading her posts. Do I agree with everything that she says? No. After all she is an atheist and I am a Christian, but MaryAnn knows movies and we have similar tastes, so I read her blog almost everyday. MaryAnn writes interesting reviews that make me really think about movies, and she gets tons of well-deserved comments, just not from me.

What makes a person comment? I ask because I do want people to comment on what I write. Though, I realize that this is a huge commitment. If people comment on my blog, then I will need to comment on theirs. I will need to join in the conversation. That is, if I can learn to start one.

It’s gonna be hard to break my years of lurking habit.

So, do you comment a lot? Or are you like me and a lurker? Of course, if you are like me you probably won’t answer the question. 🙂


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