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8 Things Bloggers Don’t Have to Do

As bloggers, we constantly see advice about what we’re suppose to do. I’ve even given advice myself on the rules bloggers need to follow, but you know what? There are some things, that aren’t absolute musts. No matter what anyone else tells you. So, here are eight things that you really don’t have to do!

Blog every day

Some people will tell you that you have to blog everyday to have a successful blog. And it’s true, you’ll have more visitors on the days you post new content than on the days you don’t.

But let’s be real, not all of us can churn out a blog post a day. At least, not quality blog posts.

I wanted to be one of the post-a-day bloggers. I really did. But I can’t do it. I work 48 hours a week on top of running this blog. And all the pressure I was putting on myself to try to post that much was taking all the fun out of blogging.

So, I accepted the fact that I’m three-times-a-week blogger. Maybe you’re an everyday blogger? Or a once-a-week blogger?

You know what? There isn’t one right path when it comes to a posting schedule! We are all different. We have different life schedules, and different abilities when it comes to writing. So, find what schedule works for you, and forget what everyone else says about how many times you need to post a week.

Write long posts

A few years ago the conventional blogging wisdom was to keep your posts at about 500 words. Anything longer than that and you would lose your audience. Now, everyone says that your posts should be 1500 to 2000 words. Quality over Quantity. The quality part is definitely good advice!

But the quantity? That’s up to the individual. If there is a post idea that you’re just dying to write, but all you have to say on the subject is 300 to 500 words, write it! Don’t feel that your post is lacking in value because of the word count.

If you want to write posts that are 500 words, do it! If you want to write posts that are 2000 words, do it. What matters is that you’re putting your best effort out there. Word count doesn’t define that.

Make money from your blog

Everywhere you look there is someone telling you how to make money from your blog. And everyone is making thousands of dollars a month from their blogs! There’s nothing wrong with that, but not everyone looks at their blog as a business.

Some of us blog because we love to write. Or have a love of books we want to share. Or clothes. Or crafts. Some people are looking for a connection with others going through the same life phase as they are.

There’s nothing wrong with turning your blog into a business, but there’s also nothing wrong if you don’t want to do that.

Have a Facebook page

…or any social media account that you hate.

We’re told that we need Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. That we need to be on Periscope or You Tube. These are all must have social media accounts if you want to have a successful blog.

But what if you hate Facebook? Or Pinterest? Will not having those accounts kill your chances at a successful blog?

I don’t think so. It might mean that it will take a little longer to build your following if you don’t participate in certain social media circles, but it won’t kill your blog.

I like Instagram, but I’m not a photographer and I have no desire in learning to be one. I want to post pictures of my real life, not the curated ones that get so many followers. That’s not me. So, even though I see all this advice telling me how important it is to build a following on Instagram, I’m ignoring it.

And if there’s a social media account that you hate, feel free to do the same thing.

Spend a ton of money on courses or equipment

Everyone is selling something right now. And there’s this pressure to buy all the courses! To buy a DSLR! To get everything that everyone else has so that your blog won’t be left behind!

I feel this pressure a lot. But I’m learning that all those things aren’t necessary. I definitely think it’s ok to spend money on your blog, but I’m being picky about where I spend my hard earned money. And you should be too.

Follow back or return every comment

I do answer every comment on my blog, but I don’t expect a blogger who gets 50 or more comments a day to be able to do that. They would never be doing anything else!

So, if you get a ton of comments, don’t pressure yourself to answer everyone of them, especially if they’re a simple “great post” comment. Instead, concentrate on answering the comments that ask questions or tell a more personal story. Also, if you’re getting several comments from the same blogger, give them a visit. Those that are visiting your blog regularly deserve a shout out!

Also, don’t feel pressure to follow everyone back on your social media accounts. So many people follow just to get a follow back, and then they will immediately unfollow you to increase their numbers. I only follow back those that I feel are trying to make a genuine connection. If this means I lose a few followers, I’m OK with that.

Have a niche

I’ve written about this a lot, so I won’t say much more here, except that everyone is different and you have to find what is right for you. For myself and my blog, I don’t think a niche is important. And I agree with a comment Sammie made on one of my posts – “You are your own niche.”

Be a photographer

Like, I mentioned above I’m not a photographer, and I have no interest in it. I do agree that visuals are important for blogs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be the one taking the pictures. There are so many great free stock photo sites out there, that if you don’t want to take pictures for your blog, you don’t have to.

Also, there are alternatives to photographs. I love Creative Market! They offer so many beautiful illustrations, which can give your blog a unique look.

So, if you don’t want to learn photography, just know that there are other options for the visuals of your blog.

What I hope you take away most from this post is that what works for one blogger might not work for you and that’s Ok. Be patient! You will find what is right for you and your blog! And most importantly remember – It’s your blog! So, do what you want!

What are your thoughts? Are there any blogging rules that you break? Do you disagree with the ones I say it’s OK to break? Let me know in the comments!

8 Things Bloggers Don't Have to Do

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41 responses to “8 Things Bloggers Don’t Have to Do

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Everyone in my real life is forever asking me when I’m going to start making money from my blog. And why I bother doing it if don’t. It’s so frustrating because people don’t understand that I don’t want to make money from it!! I just want to do it for fun. I’m perfectly happy just doing things as I do them, getting free books, and being happy and stress free about it. I also fell into the “you have to post everyday” mindset when I first started blogging bc EVERYBODY said that’s what you had to do…. but you know what– NO. You don’t have to do that. And I don’t waste my time Pinteresting or Facebooking my feed because it’s just not a popular medium for Book Blogging IMO. Great post!! Seriously, I love how-to posts, but sometimes I get annoyed at how much people suggest bloggers should be doing. Like- no, not everyone has to do everything!

  2. Bless this post!

    I couldn’t agree with you more on these reasons. I definitely could not churn out a blog post a day, and I don’t think it would make my blog anymore “popular.” I try to upload at least 3 times a week, but this doesn’t always happen and I give myself a big pat on the back when it does happen but at the same time I don’t get annoyed at myself for not posting.

    At the end of the day as long as you’re having fun blogging then the rest doesn’t matter ๐Ÿ™‚

    Emma @ Emma’s Bookery

  3. Great post Paula!
    I am only relatively new to blogging in terms of doing it semi regularly! I want there to be a pattern of when I will post but I struggle with that the more I put pressure on myself to post on a schedule the less I seem to be able to stick to it.

  4. I completely agree with you. You have to do it your own way, it takes a while to realize that sometimes. I have facebook pages but they seem useless to me actually. This was great, so nice to see this in the see of the “how to blog” posts.

  5. This post was shared in a FB group I’m in . I really enjoyed reading it. I’ve been blogging for over four years and have never really followed the rules. I’ve read about people “launching” this blog. I just started and learned along the way. Of course, I am still learning. I’ve learned SO MUCH over the years and enjoy continuing to do so.

    It’s impossible for me to blog consistently 3x a week. I managed to do that for a month I think and then life happened. Once a week is my go-to, but even that sometimes doesn’t happen. I’m also still working full-time and I have a part-time job which I absolutely love but would be hard on the body to go full-time (the part-time job is group fitness instructing).

    With respect to niche, I think if you want to turn your blog into a business (which is what I’m trying to do now), you need to have a niche. I claimed to be a personal finance blog but was more of a lifestyle/all over the place. It’s ok if you don’t know your niche right away. It takes time and discovering your true passion is something that should happen naturally.

    I recently ending up being a mirrorless camera, just because I wanted better quality photos for traveling and my blog. I have recently discovered I enjoy styling photos, taking my own photos and editing them. My previous camera is 6 years old, while still works, isn’t the greatest for low-light performance or wide angle shots.

    • Thank you sharing your blogging story Karen! I love what you said about how finding your true passion should happen naturally! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I can relate to so much of what you are saying. I HATE Instagram. I mean really, stinking hate it! It’s so annoying – no links and you have to post from your phone for the most part, and like you I’m not a photographer. So, I mostly ignore it. Same thing with Twitter. I have some auto-post things going on with it, but I feel like everyone is talking and no one is listening. Pinterest on the other hand, I am obsessed with and I put almost all my efforts towards it. I was a 2-3 times per week blogger for almost a decade, but lately I’ve been too busy so that kind of bugs me. So I’m setting a goal for at least once a week. That seems reasonable without killing myself off. And niches – naaah. I write about what I want to write about and if people want to read it good, if not, that’s OK. I do get a little annoyed when the food and craft bloggers get crazy traffic and I don’t, but I’m learning to be OK with it.

    • I wish I could get obsessed with Pinterest! It’s supposed to be very beneficial to your blog, but so far no luck getting into it. lol … I do love twitter though!

    • That’s part of why I wrote this post. I was beating myself up too! But then I realized that I needed to give myself a break. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Quite interesting. I can’t help but laugh out loud when I read the part “Write long post”. The way people go about writing long post is quite funny. These days you can see a long post without anything meaningful thing in it.

  8. So refreshing. And you know, all this advice to bloggers has made the majority of blogs look and feel exactly the same. It’s tedious to read – bring on the rule breakers and the people who blog from the heart not just following the rules of some course. Thanks for this.

  9. Sarah @sarahdipity

    Oh how I love this post! We get so caught up in what we ‘should’ be doing that we often forget the reason we started in the first place.

    • Thank you Sofia! I enjoy Twitter, but it can be a time suck if I’m not careful. It’s definitely a fun way to connect with other blogger’s though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you for this post. There is so much pressure at times that I’ve been in danger of just giving up. It’s a shame really, it’s becoming as competitive as the corporate world that so many of us are desperate to escape from. So many people start a blog so that they can ‘stay home with their family’, but realistically, how much time are you spending with your family if you’re blogging every day and juggling so many social media accounts? Thanks for helping to take the pressure off!

  11. HUGE YES to the social media thing! I’m so “UGH” over Instagram. I am not a photographer and I cannot handle the idea of spending so much time curating these stunning pictures just to fake a life I’m not living. I take random snapshots, I put them on IG, and that’s that. I have my lowest number of followers on there but I’m ok with that.

      • http://www./

        I'm still here. I kept checking to see if you'd written anything.Despite all your craziness, I'm glad you had the opportunity for a girl's night and play dates. It's always good to have a little me time so you can take care of yourself. By the way, I love your thirteen thursday idea. Did you write a SYTYCD synopsis about the finale?

      • sofortkredit kein monatliche einkommen deutschland

        This was very hard but we voted.. Alex is so made at me that I couldnt get my act together to submit a picture of him…. I better watch out that he doesnt get even with me…

  12. Wow great article / I just started blogging and I started it innocently .. I thought I’d just express myself, have some fun, and see what happened. I had No idea until I began what major work it can be.. It’s really daunting if you let it be. The whole industry has come such a long way since I logged out of my blogger account for the last time in 2009-ha ! This article brought it all home to me – I can take my time and pick and choose the most important work to do first and not try to do it all at once. It really is remarkable and somewhat of a catch 22 that those of us who have a great story and content – would not have that personal story at all if we spent all day promoting our blogs. In my case I’m blogging about renovating a huge old house and taking care of two kids at the same time + blogging about it now!

  13. Loved your article! I am new to this blogging thing, and you are so right….everyone has a suggestion or “must do” when it comes to blogging. It can get very overwhelming. Thank you for the reassurance that one doesn’t HAVE to write 2000 words or blog every day! Whew!! I just love to be able write and have an avenue to share stories and encourage others! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Bless. This. Post.

    Honestly, I’m not a Pinterest person. Almost every freaking blog I’ve read talks about how Pinterest brings SOOOO much traffic and income. I have the account, but I barely use. Nor do I have the time to make a crap load of images to find which pin works best.

    Also the niche part killsss mee. I like to write about everything or whatever is on my mind. I can’t just focus on one topic otherwise, I bore myself and I’ll eventually will give up. I just really hope my writing and personality will just be interesting enough for others to continue reading.