3 good reasons to let a post sit

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3 good reasons to let a post sit

When I first started blogging, I wrote a post and published it immediately. I would go back to read the post later and see so many typos! It was awful! When I switched to hosting my own blog and installed WordPress, I learned about scheduling posts, and that was the best thing ever!

I still felt that I should publish something almost as soon as I wrote it though. It took me a few years to realize that most of the time, it’s a good idea to let a post sit for a a few days, or even weeks, before hitting that publish button. Here’s why:

The post will be easier to proofread

When you first write something, it’s hard to proofread accurately. You’ll read it as you intended it to be written, often overlooking words that are misspelled or left out. If you wait a few days to go back over it with fresh eyes, the mistakes will be more obvious. It’s ok to have a few typos, everyone misses something, but I like to have as few as possible. And writing my post and then going back to proofread two or three days later has helped to minimize them.

If I do want to publish a post soon after I’ve written it, I will proofread it on the WordPress app on my phone. Something about reading on a different size screen makes the typos more obvious to my eyes.

The post will be easier to edit

There’s been many posts that I’ve written and later thought of things that I wanted to add to it, or I realized that there were some sentences that could’ve been left out or reworded to make more sense. Or maybe my tone was a little too harsh when I wrote my post in the heat of the moment, and I needed to tone it down.

My posts always benefit when I have a few more days to think on what I want to write, and exactly how I want to get my point across.

You will have more time to work on SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I’m still learning about this, but I’m doing three things that help my SEO, and all require a little more time between writing and publication.

Not publishing immediately, allows me more time to look for good pictures to go with each post, and also gives me time to edit them. It also gives me more time to research other posts relating to my topic, so that I can link to them. And of course, I can also look through my own posts, so that I can back link to them too. All of these things are good for SEO.

There are times when you need to write something, and publish it immediately. Maybe there’s a news event going on that you want to comment on. And if you write your post but publish it weeks later, that would make you look behind on the times. Which wouldn’t be good for your blog. But most of our posts can really benefit from sitting in that draft folder a few days. My posts are always better for it, and yours will be too.

So what about you? Do you publish immediately? How long do you give before you hit that publish button? Let me know in the comments!

3 good reasons to let a post sit


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