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Comment Policy

E-mail addresses are not collected and I don’t do anything nefarious with them. I’m not even sure I would know how to do something nefarious with them. :) As long as the comment doesn’t look like it came from a spammer or a troll, I will approve it. All viewpoints are welcome!

Link Policy

I don’t receive any commissions from any links leaving my website. Any websites that I link to, I do so because I like them and for no other reason. Should this ever change (I have no plans for this), I will let my readers know.

Paid Posts

I am not currently looking to write any posts for pay. Maybe someday this will change but as of right now, please do not e-mail me about this. I will ignore it.

Story of the Blog

I opened The Geeky Shopaholic on April 28, 2010, and I posted my very first blog on May 1. My first few blogs were written manually, but I quickly saw that this would be to hard to maintain. So, I decided to try out Bravenet’s free blogs. I moved all my posts and opened my new blog.

I wasn’t sure that I would like blogging. In fact, it was something that I had sworn I would never do! I wasn’t going to jump on the band-wagon! I wasn’t going to give in to the trend! HA!

When I decided to open a new website, I knew that I wanted it to be more personal and have more original content. Blogging seemed like a good way to do this. So, I gave in! lol Much to my surprise, I found out that I truly enjoyed blogging! It was fun and gave me a creative outlet that I didn’t even know I needed!

It didn’t take long for me to realize that writing about my daily life wasn’t for me. Instead, I like writing about the internet, the books I’m reading, Supernatural, and music and movies. Occasionally, I will write about my daily life, but I prefer other topics.

I enjoyed my time at Bravejournal, but it is time to move on. I know that to be taken seriously as a blogger, it is better to have a domain name. And I have one, but Bravejournal had no way to use it. So, I installed WordPress and now here I am. I like it so far, and I am excited to be learning a new program!

So, I hope you enjoy this blog of a geeky girl who is addicted to shopping, and loves to write about her favorite geeky things.