Me? A Minimalist?

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Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned

My first thought when I read this question was, “Nothing! I never learn my lesson!” lol But when I really thought about it, I have learned something this past month. What is it I have learned, you ask, well I will tell you. 🙂

I think I would be happier if I had less stuff!

I’ve been reading a some blogs on minimalism. Be More With Less and Miss Minimalist are two of my favorites, even though Miss Minimalist is a little extreme.

Reading these blogs really made me think about all the stuff that I have, especially clothes. I wear a uniform for work, so that gives me two days a week to wear the rest my clothes, which means that I never wear most of my clothes. And I have a lot of clothes. My closet is overflowing and my dressers (notice the plural) are stuffed to the brim.

So, if I don’t wear these clothes, why do I need them? The answer, of course, is that I don’t need them. I want them, but I don’t need them. And they certainly don’t make me happy. They just make me feel guilty because I spend all this money on clothes I never get to wear.

Besides clothes, there are lots of books. Books that I didn’t really enjoy, or I liked, but not well enough to read again. There are also CDs that have just two to three songs that I actually listen to. So, why do I still have them? I really don’t know, but it is time to make some changes.

While I know I’ll never be a true minimalist, I’m way too obsessive for that, I think I could be an almost minimalist. I do hate clutter! And I feel better when everything has a place, which right now it doesn’t.

So, I have made up my mind to get rid of any stuff that does not make me happy! And I am going to put myself on a no new clothes diet for at least a year. This is the key! I can’t get rid of stuff just to go out and buy more. So, no shopping for me! Which will not be easy, after all my name is The Geeky Shopaholic.

Posted May 19, 2011 by Paula in 30 Day Challenge / 0 Comments

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