Day 27 – The book I’m reading right now is teaching me…

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That Joe Abercrombie writes some of the best anti-heroes EVER! I just finished The Blade Itself and it was amazing! It was dark and fun and violent, all the things that I love in a fantasy novel. I might write a review at some point, but today I’m just post a few of my favorite quotes from the book.

“It was like staring at a whitewashed wall, but without all the emotion.” – Glotka

“If you mean to kill, you’re better getting right to it than talking about it. Talk only makes the other man ready, and that’s the last thing you want.” – Logen Ninefingers

“But some things have to be done. It’s better to do them, than to live with the fear of them.” – Logen Ninefingers

Yulwei: Walk in god’s footsteps, Ferro Maljinn.
Ferro: Huh. They have no god here.
Yulwei: Say rather that they have many.
Ferro: Many?
Yulwei: Had you not noticed? Here each man worships himself.

“Damn foolish, how he never learned to stop hoping.” – about Logen Ninefingers

“But who needs taste when you have money?” – Glotka

“Apart from the jaw, of course, and the money and the clothes, what was there to like?” – Jezal, thinking about himself.

“His fingers were shaking all the while, but that didn’t matter. They’d work alright when they needed to.” – about The Dogman.


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  1. pretty clear to me that whoever wrote it has a wonkrig knowledge of Mistborn, and I’ve watched the first two seasons of True Blood (haven’t read the books though) and Eric doesn’t seem too bad. If anything, he’s more powerful than expected, and the writer did a fairly clever job of power comparison between the two.This is a good write up.The only problem I had was the rather random dipped-in-garlic silver coins. I think Saze should have been able to be a bit more specific, like use silver! or something. Otehrwise in just kinda did it at random and that’s fairly odd.Anyway, Vin for the win!

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