Day 26 – The book you want to write. What’s going to be in it?

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It’s paranormal, of course, because that is what I love. It actually started as Supernatural fanfiction. I thought it would be fun to write about two sisters traveling around America and hunting creatures of the night. But I grew to really like these characters and the more I delved into their lives and world and family, I found so much more than the fanfiction I originally started.

A lot has changed since I first started writing, plot lines scrapped or expanded. There are four sisters now, when I started out with two. I read once that the TV show Charmed was conceived as a show about three sisters who happen to be witches, not three witches who happen to be sisters. I thought that was interesting, and I want to go that direction with my book. Yes, they hunt the supernatural, but they are sisters first, and that effects every decision that they make.

Here is the basic plot:

One sister is sent to a small Southern town to hunt vampires, except she botches the job and is arrested by the police for murder. The “murders” draw a hailstorm of media attention that threatens to bring the hidden world of the night into the light. Her’s sisters must come to her rescue, clean up the mess she made, kill the vampires, all while trying to keep their very existence out of the headlines.


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