Day 21 – Did it snow much when you were a child – tell something about it, what did you do?

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It didn’t snow a lot, but I remember a few really big snows.

One of the biggest was the Ice Storms of ’94. My cousin, Jennifer, stayed with my family for a few days while school was cancelled. Which meant that my sister, Paige and I got out of school too! Normally, since we home-schooled that would have been out of the question!

We spent one day making snowmen and snow angels. When we grew tired of that, we took off into the woods to find a good hill for sledding. We found one by a small pond. We had so much fun. Jennifer and I even braved walking across the frozen pond.

After we finished playing, we decided to go back home, but we took a different path. So, of course, we got lost. But instead of panicking, we started talking about how there would be a made-for-TV movie about us. I remember wanting Candace Cameron to play me. I don’t remember who Jennifer and Paige wanted to play them. It was actually kind of fun planning out our movie, and if we hadn’t thought of that, we might have really been scared.

I’m not sure how long we wandered around, but eventually we came out behind a neighbors house and from there easily found our way home. Everything worked out, so of course that movie was never made.


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