A Little About My Friends

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Day 26- What you think about your friends

I posted a picture of my friends here.

Like I stated in that post, I have been friends with the same group of girls for over fifteen years. We are seven very distinct personalities and we all have different interests. For example, Christin and Brooke love four-wheeling, Alison hates it. I love fantasy and sci-fi, but of my seven friends, Christin, was the only one willing to go see Star Trek with me.

In spite of our differences, we have remained friends for a long time. And I think the reason is that our friendship has survived is because it is based on a shared faith and moral standards.

We all met in church. In fact, we were in a church singing group for many years. None of us are in to drinking and partying. We realize that there are lots of other ways to have a good time. And the bonus is we still remember our good times.

Young people face so many temptations, and I was lucky to have friends who believed the same way as me. It makes resisting temptation easier when the people you hang with are just as committed as you are. Because the truth is, your friends are the biggest influences in your life and I am blessed to have good ones!

We don’t always see eye to eye on every little thing, but we realize that’s not important. What’s important is that we can be honest with each other and be our true selves. We support each other, call each other on our bull-shit and love each other like sisters.

I wouldn’t trade these girls for anything!


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