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13th October 2014 | Saturday Sharing | 0 comments

“The novels give up all their secrets on the first reading, or the second. Great books can hold out much longer than that—for forever, some of them.”

“Conversely, imposing my writing style upon someone else is equally wrong. This doesn’t mean that sanguine / seat-of-the-pants writers don’t still drive me bonkers. It simply means that there’s no “one size fits all” writing advice.

I’m enjoying working my way thorough this series on Hello Bee.

“Because isn’t that what friendship is all about? Bossing your friends around until their fingers cramp from taking too many photos of you?” – This post reminded me so much of myself!

7 horror movie cliches that have ruined my life

I found these quotes about childlessness from 25 famous women interesting and a little comforting.

I’m enjoying Sarah’s series on how to be a grown ass woman.

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