5 Commitments for July 2016

5 Commitments for July 2016

Each month I commit to doing five things that will improve my life, my health, my home, or my blog. These are my five commitments for July 2016. Refresh 10 old blog posts I lost track of how many posts I refreshed in June, but I definitely had more than 10. And I want to […]

What I'm Doing to Promote My Blog

What I’m Doing to Promote My Blog

One of the hardest things about blogging is promoting my blog. I love writing. I enjoy reading other blogger’s work. I have fun working on graphics for my blog. But self-promotion… it’s hard work. But I’m making myself get out there, and here is what I’m currently doing to promote my blog, and you should […]


What I’ve Learned Living on My Own

I lived at home for years! Probably longer than most people would think appropriate, but I don’t regret it. Now though I’m living on my own and loving it! Here are a eight things that I’ve learned from living on my own: Food goes bad really fast. I can never make it through a loaf […]

8 Blogging rules everyone needs to follow

8 Blogging rules everyone needs to follow

In my post on tips for hobby bloggers, I said to read all the blogging advice but then make up your own mind about what to follow. Which I do believe it true, not all advice it good advice for everyone. But there are some blogging rules that truly are helpful for everyone. And I […]

There should be no but.., #PrayforOrlando

There should be no but… #PrayForOrlando

On Monday, one of my Facebook friends expressed disappointment with Christians for their lack of response to the Orlando massacre. She mentioned how they rallied around France, but when we have the largest terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, there was only silence. And she was right, other than the outrage over guns being […]

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